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Project Type: THE How To Tools

How To Business Tools. My Video Blogs on the theoretical models and tools that help you clarify your business plans for growth. They are between 5 and 10 minutes long so you can get the gist in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

Effective Leadership and Management
Business Growth Strategies
Non-Exec and Board Mentoring
Research and Evaluation Projects

If you need further help then give me a call on 07962 626604 to arrange a Skype session with me.

Davis & Seifert’s Facilitation Models

Continued inattention to process may lead to weakened or strained relationships between group members and decline in group effectiveness.  It decreases buy-in and ongoing support of decisions made by the […]

Morgan’s Culture Metaphors

Having previously posted a video about Schein’s 3 Levels of Culture, in this video I am focusing on recognising the underlying culture in your business.  This is important especially if […]

Schein’s 3 Levels of Culture

Edgar Schein’s model of organisational culture originated in the 1980s. Schein identified three distinct levels: artifacts and behaviours, espoused values and deep underlying assumptions. In this video we look at […]

Covey’s Creative Cooperation

As Stephen Covey simply puts it, synergy means “two heads are better than one.” When people begin to interact together genuinely, and they’re open to each other’s influence, they begin […]

Roger’s Innovation Adoption

According to Rogers, Early Adopters are visionaries, turned on by scarcity, and the Early Majority are pragmatists and require social proof.  So in this video we are looking at Rogers Innovation Adoption Curve and Moore’s models to help 'cross the chasm'.  Both really useful to consider when you are positioning yourself in the market.

Disruptive Innovation

Disruptive Innovation is a term that was coined by Clayton Christensen. It describes a process by which a product or service takes root initially in simple applications at the bottom […]

The Sales Funnel

When you know what you need to achieve your profit/sales growth you can work the way up the funnel to identify the leads that need to be generated to achieve the results.

Five Fair Dismissal Reasons

From time to time as a business you will need to lose some of your employees.  There are five absolutely justifiable reasons for doing this.  If your employee has less […]

Protected Characteristics

The Equality Act 2010 has identified nine protected characteristics that you need to bear in mind to ensure you protect everyone from discrimination. As an employer not only do you have the […]

Basic Employment Law

To keep on top of changes to employment law you might wish to subscribe to a website like XpertHR

TQM – 6 Sigma, Lean & Agile

Whichever TMQ model you adopt or adapt, it is important that small businesses establish a culture that embraces curiosity, continuous learning and change.  Responsible growth results from listening to both your client and your staff.

Pivotal Talent

Assess the resources you will need for your growth plans and how much it will cost in your Five Phase Business Plan

Senge’s Learning Organisation

Create a development programme to support your business in becoming a learning organisation ... Please note ... a culture change won't happen overnight!

Robinson’s Business Ethics Synergy Star

Business ethics is the responsibility of everyone in the business, but it starts at the top. Leaders need to model, communicate, and enforce its expectations and commitment to ethical decision-making […]

Inbound Marketing

There is a lot of buzz around the processes behind Inbound Marketing. This is where you focus your marketing messages continuously, through integrated channels and through the entire buying process. […]

Data Mining

Data Mining is the gathering of information – the term data science means looking for actionable insights from gathered data.  Anything that helps to make the decision making process easier […]

Decision Trees

Not all problems have a clear solution. Some decisions you will need to make about your business are likely to have uncertain outcomes or may be risky.  A decision tree […]

Lead Generation & Marketing Metrics

Marketing over the last decade has changed dramatically.  Previously the mission of marketing was to represent the company and find customers through mass advertising to a specific demographic.  Advertising would […]

The Attention Economy

With the growth of the internet, the world has changed from one of information scarcity to one of information abundance.  The problem is that information abundance equals attention scarcity. This is known as attention economics.   Buyers are now overwhelmed with all the noise. They are getting better and better at ignoring the messages they don’t want to hear. Then they research what they do want to learn about for themselves.

de Bono’s 6 Thinking Hats & Facilitation

Whilst successful negotiation relies heavily on you being prepared, there are skills you can adopt to help facilitate the discussion, proposal and bargaining processes.  I love Edward de Bono’s Six […]

Negotiation BATNAs & ZOPAs

There is no single formula for successful negotiation. In one situation, you may need to tread carefully and make concessions. In another, you can be fast and aggressive. In particular, […]

Carroll’s CSR Pyramid

In this video we look at Carroll’s Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid, consider our business behaviours towards ethics and CRS. Then we’ll review Porter and Kramer’s extension of the model into […]

Nudge Theory

Thaler and Sunstein’s Nudge Theory is about influencing behaviour without sales coercion. To count as a nudge, the intervention must be easy to apply and/or cheap to avoid.It should also […]

Burke & Litwin’s Drivers for Change

This video explores Burke & Litwin’s Drivers for Change model as a framework for conducing your annual business appraisal.  Reviewing your business strategy and model on a regular basis ensures […]

Urbany & Davis Strategic Circles

The Urbany & Davis approach provides a visual tool to help you think about what you offer, what you customers want and what your competitors offer. It’s a brilliantly simple […]


There are three aspects to the business process of benchmarking. It is a tool that you can use to measure internal performances against best practice.  You can use it to […]

Blue Ocean Strategy

When Kim and Mauborgne unleashed the Blue Ocean Strategy model, it quickly became part of the business lexicon.  The premise that finding your uncontested blue ocean market was the ultimate […]

Data Protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will give people more control over their personal information when it is passed into law in May 2018. Among other things, it aims to […]

Kubler-Ross Change Curve

There are many incremental changes that occur in your business, most of which will be accepted by your stakeholders without too much drama.  However, from time to time there will […]