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Project Type: THE How To Tools

How To Business Tools. My Video Blogs on the theoretical models and tools that help you clarify your business plans for growth. They are between 5 and 10 minutes long so you can get the gist in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

Effective Leadership and Management
Business Growth Strategies
Non-Exec and Board Mentoring
Research and Evaluation Projects

If you need further help then give me a call on 07962 626604 to arrange a Skype session with me.

Negotiation BATNAs & ZOPAs

There is no single formula for successful negotiation. In one situation, you may need to tread carefully and make concessions. In another, you can be fast and aggressive. In particular, […]

Carroll’s CSR Pyramid

In this video we look at Carroll’s Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid, consider our business behaviours towards ethics and CRS. Then we’ll review Porter and Kramer’s extension of the model into […]

The Nudge Theory

Thaler and Sunstein’s Nudge Theory is about influencing behaviour without sales coercion. To count as a nudge, the intervention must be easy to apply and/or cheap to avoid.It should also […]

Burke & Litwin’s Drivers for Change

This video explores Burke & Litwin’s Drivers for Change model as a framework for conducing your annual business appraisal.  Reviewing your business strategy and model on a regular basis ensures […]

Urbany & Davis Strategic Circles

The Urbany & Davis approach provides a visual tool to help you think about what you offer, what you customers want and what your competitors offer. It’s a brilliantly simple […]


There are three aspects to the business process of benchmarking. It is a tool that you can use to measure internal performances against best practice.  You can use it to […]

Blue Ocean Strategy

When Kim and Mauborgne unleashed the Blue Ocean Strategy model, it quickly became part of the business lexicon.  The premise that finding your uncontested blue ocean market was the ultimate […]

Kubler-Ross Change Curve

There are many incremental changes that occur in your business, most of which will be accepted by your stakeholders without too much drama.  However, from time to time there will […]

Cialdini’s 6 Principles of Influence

As a company, you need to persuade your audience that you’re delivering a brilliant solution to a problem they want to solve. Brilliant brands give their audience the attention that […]

Branding Guidelines

Your brand identity is important. It affects how your target clients think and feel about your business offer.  How you, your staff and your suppliers present your business is important to […]

Garvin’s Quality Dimensions

It is said that quality is remembered long after the price is forgotten.  But what is quality to you and does it mean the same to me? In this video we […]

Gantt Charts

  A Gantt Chart is one where a series of horizontal lines represents the amount of work to be completed in a certain period of time. It is most commonly […]

Direct and Lumpy Mail

Direct mail has had a lot of bad press over the years.  But a carefully crafted direct mail letter as part of a marketing campaign could have better results than […]

Powerful Press Releases

Gone are the days when you could send a press release to the editor of your local paper in the post and bingo a relevant story of your business success […]

Social Media Maps

There must be at least a billion posts about how to maximise Online Social Media marketing.  I am no expert in this subject matter, although I have been posting content […]

Six Stages of Evaluation

The primary purpose of any evaluation activity is not to apportion blame but to provide information for future decision-making based on learning from evidence of achievements. In this video we […]

O’Brien’s Information Systems

Data are raw facts and figures that in themselves may not be very useful. Choosing the right systems and processes that give you valuable data will depend on how you […]

Feedback Control Model

We have all seen activities that continue to get done in the same way year in year out, producing at best mediocre results and at worst damage to the brand, […]

Mode, Mean, Median – Data Analysis

Collecting data for data sake is a pointless exercise for businesses.  Just imagine!  If we specifically ask our web designer to ensure that we have Google Analytics installed and then […]

Return on Capital Employed

The Return on Capital Employed is a really useful set of ratios to help with the assessment of capital investment projects.  The three examples in this video are the most […]

Scope Creep

Scope Creep is the nightmare monster for all project managers whether they are freelance or corporate contractors.  We often hear on the news, the stories of big projects going over […]

The EPE Relationship

There is a relationship between Effectiveness, Efficiency and Productivity. The premise is really useful for recognising how the two managerial paths interact with one another and how you measure success. […]

AIDA Marketing Model

The AIDA mnemonic has been widely used the best part of 100 years.  Whilst it is mostly applied to the process of writing an advert, the principles apply to any […]

Presentational JOLTs

The traditional introduction to a presentation is to explain who you are, what you do and why your audience should listen to you.  In reality, as a presenter, we lose […]

The Target Audience

Communication is a two-way process, there is an element of speaking and receiving.  We need to choose words that work and a tone of voice and body language that empathises […]

THE Export Plan

If your business growth strategy includes an element of exporting and you’ve researched the market to validate this assumption, you now need to put a plan into place.  Whilst this […]

Routes to Exporting

If globality is in your growth strategy then considering the pros and cons of the routes to export is an important part of your research.  Whilst the eCommerce Marketplaces are […]

Global Demand

Exporting is not the easiest of growth strategies but there is plenty of support and depending on your business offer there could be some interesting opportunities with the growth of […]

Shewhart’s PDCA Cycle

Trimming unnecessary steps in a business process adds productivity value in any business.  Changes for changes sake are not always best for business so it is recommended that trims are tested […]

Process Flow Charts

One of the great things resulting from a process mapping exercise is how each employee connects to others in the organisation.  The actual activity allows each to feel the pain, frustration […]