Kiss! (Monday Limerick #60)

Chaz is a guy who’s really rock hard; He is big, beefy; and a tad scarred A kiss on the lips Is better than chips And … costs less than […]

Weekly Smile – (TTC #839)

Over the last couple of months; since I purchased a new sewing machine, I have got back into crafting. My crafting is not intricate. I don’t made beautiful cards or […]

Teenage Wildlife (Song Lyric Sunday)

Teenage Wildlife was track on the Scary Monster album. This was the first Bowie album I bought on release. I’m not sure that I ‘got’ how good this track was […]

On Belonging …

It’s in your nature To be liked and to belong; Not all norms are good. So stay true to your values; You can’t please everyone. (Tanka)

On Health …

Look after yourself, Your body, mind and spirit, All need fine feeding. Take not good health for granted; Invest well in this asset. (Tanka)

On Failing …

When things don’t work out As we had wished or had planned, Despite true effort; Maybe, our hopes proved too high, The goal – twas not meant to be. (Tanka)

Clutter – (One-Liner Wednesday)

“If a cluttered desk is a sign of a cluttered mind, of what, then, is an empty desk a sign?” Laurence J. Peter Post inspired by Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt “Clutter” […]

On Careering …

Let life slow unfurl; Calm down – rush not into things. Wait a tad to see What’s beyond the next corner – Ere career at fuel-stoked speed. (Tanka)

Score! (Monday Limerick #59)

Black belt, Joel will often trip Right over his big, bottom lip, He always keep score and often gets sore – If his foe, he can not outstrip! (Limerick) With […]

Weekly Smile – (TTC #839)

Boyfriend and I took Franny to Bath for the weekend, despite the poor weather outlook on Saturday.  Late afternoon, we made for the magnificent 15th Century abbey where, by luck, […]

Purple … (Tanka Tuesday)

Purple, so regal, Values different viewpoints, Calm yet authentic. The power of wisdom where Knowledge and empathy meld (Tanka) Poem prompted by Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge #255. This week, it’s […]

NY Rez – (One-Liner Wednesday)

“Go to the Black Sea, meet new people, see beautiful places, get killed by a mutant carnivorous kangaroo goat. One item off my bucket list.” Ilona Andrews Post inspired by […]

Burned – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #391)

When playing with fire, Wear a pair of stout, old gloves – Lest fingers get burned (Senryu) Haiku inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #391 BURN & old– Click through for the […]

Weekly Smile – (TTC #832)

Last year, Boyfriend and his boy bought season tickets to watch their favourite rugby team, Bath. It’s not been a good run for them so far. This included the Boxing […]

I’m Back (Monday Limerick #58)

New Year; “time for a change”, thought Zack From the threat of his own blackjack. He struck that voice imp That sends his flair limp – Getting his genius back […]

PSA – (One-Liner Wednesday)

“This is a short public service announcement: you don’t have to fail with abandon … “ Nate Soares Post inspired by Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt “PSA” – Do click through for […]

Sodden – (Tanka Tuesday Prompt #389)

winter winds; leaves drift shrivelled, with no safe haven – damned to be sodden. (Haiku) Haiku inspired by Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge #256. This week it’s to write a Haiku. […]

Weekly Smile – (TTC #818)

We had friends to stay on Saturday night. They had met up with their oldies in Weymouth for a cuddly catch up earlier that day, then came to ours for […]

Weekly Smile – (TTC #811)

I have blog block … again! To be honest, I don’t think there is a better time to get it. There’s so much going on with Christmas just around the […]

TVC 15 (Song Lyric Sunday)

“TVC 15” is a song by English musician David Bowie, released on his 1976 album Station to Station. RCA Records later released it as the second single from the album on 30 April 1976. The upbeat […]

Accomplished! – (One-Liner Wednesday)

“Energy rightly applied and directed will accomplish anything.” Nellie Bly Post inspired by Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt “I won” – Do click through for the rules if you, too, would like […]

Weekly Smile – (TTC #797)

We got to go on holiday last week. It’d been planned for quite some time; an invitation to join our great friends, Linda and Stevie; at a country lodge in […]

School (Song Lyric Sunday)

Supertramp is a British rock band formed in 1969 under the name Daddy before renaming themselves in early 1970. Though their music was initially categorised as progressive rock, they have […]

Lost – (Six Sentence Story #187)

When we make a mistake, all is not quite lost. Dance around on the wild side. Why ever not? Worry less of the opportunity cost, Take the big risk and […]

Solutions – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #385)

Leaf through solutions, When troubles pile into mounds – There’ll be an answer. (Haiku) Haiku inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #385 – Leaf/Mounds. Click through for the rules, if you too, […]

Lark (Monday Limerick #27)

Fashionista, Alexander McQueen, Was addicted to cocaine and caffeine, Got up with the lark Retired when t’was dark – And was productive ‘all’ hours in between! (Limerick) With thanks to […]

Weekly Smile – (TTC #790)

Well, here we all are, after pretty much, two years of not seeing my family, due to “life” and Covid restrictions. The two little ones at the front are sharing […]

Surreal – (One-Liner Wednesday)

“The imaginary is what tends to become real.” André Breton Post inspired by Linda’s One-Liner Wednesday prompt “Surreal” – Do click through for the rules if you, too, would like to […]

Pride – (Weekly Decima)

Be proud of what you do and toast, All those who’ve helped you on your way … Opening every closed gateway; Commend what you do well, and boast. Beware others […]

Weekly Smile – (TTC #783)

It’s been a couple of weeks since posted the weekly smile.  Apologies to all you kind peeps, who follow this regular update! 😉  There has been nothing of sort to […]

Black Star (Song Lyric Sunday)

I’ve been threatening to load some of Bowie’s later music and today’s Song Lyric Sunday prompt yelled out BlackStar.  IMO this video is such a stunning piece of visual art, […]