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Project Type: THE Workshops

The Hidden Edge workshops are bespoke to each organisation but this list gives a flavour of what can be covered. If you wish a workshop based around THE How To strategies then please make contact to discuss.

Successful Sales Management

No matter what size your organisation, sales management is the most significant function in profit generation.  Planning is essential, it requires coordinating the market research, the target audience, the optimum […]

THE Delighted Customers

Customer satisfaction is the baseline.  In order to grow organically a business needs to excel in delighting its customer, client and/or consumer.  During this session you are encouraged to push the […]

Marvellous Mentoring

A good mentor relationship is one where the mentor and mentee have mutual respect.  They recognise the need for continual professional development and respect that insights can come from both sides […]

THE Employee Engagement Review

Employee Engagement Reviews offer a great opportunity to give and get constructive feedback, and enable you to align your organisation’s objectives with those of your employees.

THE New Employee Orientation

Most employers recognise the fact that their staff are their greatest asset, and the right recruitment and induction processes are vital in ensuring that the new employee becomes effective in […]

THE Rigorous Recruitment Process

On average business spends £8,200 and it can cost up to £12,000 to recruit a Senior Manager or Director. There is also the lost opportunity costs and those in relation to getting the recruitment process wrong.

THE Most Effective Meetings

With a little time spent planning a purpose, Business Meetings can be a dynamic decision making session, or a motivational consultation or an energetic problem-solving vehicle.

Adapting to Business Growth

When we consider Greiner’s Growth Curve we can recognise that we must adapt to changes in our business make up and relationships as the business grows.  During these sessions delegates […]

THE Fast Track Growth Strategies

The riskiest opportunity for high growth in Ansoff’s matrix is the diversification.  High risks can also bring high rewards.  It is why high net worth individuals will invest in business […]

THE Essential Business Review

The end of the financial year is nigh.   There is no doubt that you set out some key objectives for your business.  Have you achieved what you wanted to […]

The E-Myth Revisited by Michael E Gerber

Exploring the E-myth – (E stands for Entrepreneurial) Many of us have started our own business enthused about the concept of “working for ourselves” lured often misguidedly by perceived freedom to do […]

Six Thinking Hats by Edward de Bono

I was introduced to the concept of Edward de Bono’s six thinking hats about 15 years ago.  A training company had done a three day senior management course on leadership […]