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Category: Table Topics

Discussion story prompts of around 300 words

Be CURIOUS (Ch#7: Just one thing)

Curiosity! – Don’t just ask, look and listen, Taste, feel, sniff, and smell.   Use all your senses To seek many answers with – Curiosity! (Haikus) Photo by FOX from Pexels Chapter 7 […]

Into the WIND (Ch#5 Just one thing)

What the hell is work-life balance? It’s like ‘peeing’ into the wind, Such nonsense, so it should be binned, Instead, make the most of your talents, Robustly, building, valiance,   […]

So Grateful for Friends

It is almost forty years since I left college, and twenty years since the school reunion where me and my four bestest school friends all met up in the same […]

Peace and the invisible friend!

My dear old Dad has just gone back into hospital with ongoing respiratory problems, he is 99, and his kidneys no longer function very well which means the doctors are […]

With Thanks! (Discover Prompts #29 – Lists)

I’m a bit stymied with this prompt, having written two posts about lists already during the Discover Prompts challenge; MUSIC, NOTES .  These have been the two most viewed posts throughout […]

Aholic (Discover Prompts #23 – NOTE)

-aholic – denoting a person addicted to something. I am a self-confessed, note-aholic, and what’s more a list-aholic too.  Shoot!  that’s two serious confessions in one Blog post. I write […]

Sharing (Discover Prompts #13 – TEACH)

I looked up the synonym for teach and found the following list: Advise Coach Demonstrate Develop Direct Explain Instruct  Lecture Prepare Show Train Tutor For me, teaching is all of […]

Irony (Discover Prompts #1 – JOKE)

Irony, used gently conveys amused mockery, jokes or banter.  It is the back bone of spoofs and has a notorious role in the British sense of humour.  Having done some […]

By The Grace of … the NHS

I have been diagnosed as a type one diabetic since I was 18, that is not quite, but almost 40 years ago. The NHS staff has not only saved my […]