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Category: Poetry

I only started writing poetry in 2020 during the Covid Lockdown – a self-imposed challenge that I have loved … Enjoy!

Driving Home – (Tanka Tuesday#220)

For utmost impact Make sure you’re exact, Keep words both simple and clear. To drive a point home In full monochrome; You need to be ‘quite’ austere. -o0o- A spelling […]

Bless You! – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #352)

Spring nudges nature. Bees tickle pink blossoms that … Sneeze ‘golden’ pollen! Add ants, ticks, fruit flies and fleas; All pesky prices to pay. (Tanka) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku […]

HowZat! – (Monday Limerick #53)

My nephew, Alec, who loves his cricket, Is a bowler with a golden ticket, If you catch my drift, Tis a splendid gift, To yell HowZat! when taking a wicket. […]

Revolution? – (Weekly Decima Prompt #51)

Honour culture has claimed its cause. For many a millennia Males led the differentia. A ‘duel’ would resolve the flaws, Countless lives were lost – just because. Then rule of […]

April Showers

After April’s wrath – Fleeting sun; bitter showers; May comforts with warmth. (Haiku) Tis also Day 2 of National Poetry Writing Month …

Top Gear – (Six Sentence Story #153)

Tis comfortable to be in cruise control, But do take note of complacency creep. Keep a keen look out for that darn pothole, That’ll swallow you in a micro-sleep. -o0o- […]

Pouting – (Tanka Tuesday #219)

Spring breeze pouts … Cherry Blossoms dance, Heavenly. (Lune – Haiku)) This post is inspired by Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Challenge #219 This week we are to craft a Haiku or Senyru. […]

The Boss – (Monday Limerick #51)

Our business chief is called Joss, She makes a pretty good boss, She’s fair with our pay, Oft gives praise away, And hardly ever gets cross! (Limerick) Post inspired by […]

The Storm – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #351)

Take comfort, When feelings erupt – They will calm. (Lune) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #351 – Comfort & Erupt). Click through for the rules, if you too, would […]

The Stirring – (Double Ennead #2)

It’s hard to be patient While looking for growth, After the dark, dismal, bareness in Winter, When nothing germinates And all seems shutdown. -o0o- As the sky lightens up The […]

Negotiate – (Weekly Decima Prompt #50)

Prepare, so as not to be floored, Consider the alternate view, If you are seeking to breakthrough The zone of potential accord. Look for what each might afford, To lessen […]

Sleep! – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #349)

At twilight tis good, To lose the chirp in your head – And so wake refreshed. (Senryu) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #350 – CHIRP & TWILIGHT. Click through […]

Suits You! – (Monday Limerick #51)

My mate Matt had quite an obsession. When hosting a networking session, He’d wear a pink suit with short-shorts to boot, To much make a good first impression! (Limerick) Post […]

Frustration – (Six Sentence Story)

Let go of your fury In dignified fashion. The flip side of passion Is frustration. -o0o- When you’re just plain angry, Unbalanced, off kilter; Remember to filter Your responses. -o0o- […]

Immortality – (Tanka Tuesday #217)

Immortality – Our lives so ephemeral, Will be remembered, By how we treated others. And such is our legacy? (Tanka) This post is inspired by Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Challenge #217 This […]

Choices – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #349)

In life there are those, Who like cookies soft not crisp – But there’s room for both! (Senryu) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #349 – CRISP & SOFT. Click […]

Karaoke – (Monday Limerick#49)

Our dear friend Whale, who lives in Hong Kong, So loves a karaoke sing song, It helps sort out his stress,  When his brain is a mess, And then … […]

Get Ahead – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #348)

Be nobody’s fool; Decide where you’d like to be – To get your head start. (Senryu) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #348 – FOOL & HEAD. Click through for […]

Start! – (Weekly Decima Prompt #45)

You’ve a great idea; take heart, Don’t listen to that niggling doubt; Check whether it has any clout. If research looks good on the chart, Don’t wait, take a step, […]

Stuck – (Weekly Haiku Prompt #347)

Ease the ache and pain, Stretch your imagination – When your state is stuck. (Senryu) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #347 – ACHE & EASE. Click through for the […]

Chalk & Cheese – (Monday Limerick#48)

Debbie and her sister Louise, Were as different as chalk and cheese, One shy and retiring, One always aspiring, But both, have the most knobbly knees! (Limerick) Post inspired by […]

Bored? – (Weekly Haiku Prompt)

Where does time fly, When you’re having so much fun? Yet, it does not slip – When you have nothing to do, Nowhere to go, and you’re bored! (Tanka) Post […]

Reflections – (Tanka)

Look in the mirror, Who do you see looking back? Is it a fraught face, Or one that is at peace with The scars and marks of its age? (Tanka) […]

Swap Shop – (Monday Limerick#47)

Geraldine woke up in a strop, Suggested she needed a swap, I’m bored in the kitchen … Wife; do stop your bitchin, You mow the lawn; I’ll take mop! (Limerick) […]

Rainbow – (Tanka Tuesday #213)

When you awake – just how do you feel? Where do you sit on the rainbow? What’ll make your eyes sparkle? Open up your Chakras; Let the light shine through […]

Fly South – (Weekly Haiku Prompt)

When bitter winds blow, Double your weight little bird – Tis time to fly south. (Haiku) Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Haiku prompt #345 BIRD & BLOW. Click through for the […]