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Project Type: THE How To Tools

How To Business Tools. My Video Blogs on the theoretical models and tools that help you clarify your business plans for growth. They are between 5 and 10 minutes long so you can get the gist in the time it takes to make a cup of tea.

Effective Leadership and Management
Business Growth Strategies
Non-Exec and Board Mentoring
Research and Evaluation Projects

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Mode, Mean, Median – Data Analysis

Collecting data for data sake is a pointless exercise for businesses.  Just imagine!  If we specifically ask our web designer to ensure that we have Google Analytics installed and then […]

Return on Capital Employed

The Return on Capital Employed is a really useful set of ratios to help with the assessment of capital investment projects.  The three examples in this video are the most […]

Scope Creep

Scope Creep is the nightmare monster for all project managers whether they are freelance or corporate contractors.  We often hear on the news, the stories of big projects going over […]

Productivity Relations & Ratios

There is a relationship between Effectiveness, Efficiency and Productivity. The premise is really useful for recognising how the two managerial paths interact with one another and how you measure success. […]

AIDA Marketing Model

The AIDA mnemonic has been widely used the best part of 100 years.  Whilst it is mostly applied to the process of writing an advert, the principles apply to any […]

JOLT Pitching Plans

The traditional introduction to a presentation is to explain who you are, what you do and why your audience should listen to you.  In reality, as a presenter, we lose […]

The Target Audience

Communication is a two-way process, there is an element of speaking and receiving.  We need to choose words that work and a tone of voice and body language that empathises […]

Export Plans

If your business growth strategy includes an element of exporting and you’ve researched the market to validate this assumption, you now need to put a plan into place.  Whilst this […]

Routes to Exporting

If globality is in your growth strategy then considering the pros and cons of the routes to export is an important part of your research.  Whilst the eCommerce Marketplaces are […]

Global Demand

Exporting is not the easiest of growth strategies but there is plenty of support and depending on your business offer there could be some interesting opportunities with the growth of […]

Shewhart’s PDCA Cycle

Trimming unnecessary steps in a business process adds productivity value in any business.  Changes for changes sake are not always best for business so it is recommended that trims are tested […]

Process Flow Charts

One of the great things resulting from a process mapping exercise is how each employee connects to others in the organisation.  The actual activity allows each to feel the pain, frustration […]

Business Process Mapping

Improving business processes doesn’t have to be difficult. Process mapping with your team helps you untangle processes and visualise them with ease. As a regular discipline, process mapping prepares your […]

Effective|Efficiency Matrix

Efficiency is as important as effectiveness but not more so.   However we shouldn’t forget that in today’s market landscape — things should be done efficiently too.  We should use […]

Harding’s BEST Selling Model

BEST is an Acronym that stands for Buyers, Events, Signals and Techniques.  You may have read in Gerber’s book on The E-Myth that all processes should be systemised.  Ford Harding’s […]

Relationship Triangle

The Relationship Triangle is really useful for understanding where you are in the high value sales process.  The further up the relationship ladder you are with a prospect the better your chances of making the sale

Harding’s Portal Projects

Big ticket sales or clients with a high lifetime value will often have a long lead time before purchase.  More so if you are a new player in the market […]

Business Model Canvas

Osterwalder and Pigneur designed a one page plan for business modelling. The intention of this approach is to help businesses create or review their current model of working.  It is […]

Five Stages of Decline

Every business is at some time likely to face some form of difficulty.  The key is to catch things early to ensure recovery.  Inertia is the big killer.  There are […]

Acid Test

In business finance the acid test is a quick formula that indicates whether a business is able to easily pay its creditors …  The acid test was coined from an […]

Ishikawa’s Fishbone & 5 Whys

When you have a problem that just won’t go away then the chances are your quick fixes aren’t getting to the root of the problem.  Sakichi Toyoda developed the five […]

THE Board Set Up

Good Governance requires board members who can think conceptually and with a long term perspective, able to welcome a diversity of opinions but abide by group decisions.

Business Governance

Every limited company has to have a least one director. A public limited company (PLC) must have at least two directors. There are limits on who can be a director […]

McKinsey’s 7-S Framework

There are many tools you can use to go about analysing how well your business is positioned to achieve its intended objective.  One that has stood the test of time […]

Price Sensitivity

Your prices send out important marketing signals, establishing the position of your products in the market, contributing to the overall image of your business. It is essential to get your pricing right.  If you set your prices too high your sales will suffer and if you price too low your profits.  LIke all aspects of the business it should have a regular objective analysis to ensure the figures you are using to determine price and profitability are correct.

Price Psychology

Customers have a concept of a “just” (fair) price. For special purchases customers become aware before and during the purchase process. Customers will buy at (perceived) bargain prices. Down payment/installment price is more important than total price. If there are close substitute products, customers will be sensitive to price. If cost an be passed on (e.g. as a business expense) the buyer will be less sensitive to price

Pricing Strategies

The price you can charge for your product or service will depend on the level of demand from the consumer, the level of supply from your competitors, the state of the economy and your own position in the market in relation to price and quality.

Cloyd & Goleman’s Board Mentoring

This is one of three how to videos on business mentoring.  This one focusses on board mentoring.  For the small business there are four opportunities for board governance each supporting […]

Clutterbuck & Grow on Mentoring

Mentoring is a well used learning and development tool for small businesses as it maximises the resources the business already has.  There are many ways small business might use a […]

Kram and Cohen on Mentoring

This is one of three How To videos on business mentoring …  Katherine Kram identified four stages in a mentoring relationship – it is important to recognise that there is […]

Meeting Management

The Chair’s role is to guide the meeting via a well constructed agenda.  The Chair must achieve the purpose of the meeting whilst being sensitive to the motivations and feelings […]