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ADKAR Change Model

The ADKAR model was created by Jeff Hiatt, the founder of the change management consultancy, Prosci. It is based on the importance of change adoption at the individual level.  It it a great model that summarises what needs to be considered at the start of any change project, then throughout to post project.  In this video we explore the ADKAR Model of change, and consider Prosci’s 5 levers as a framework for implementation.  

First watch the video for background information about the ADKAR Change Model, feel free to request the templates I am happy to share.
  1. Recognise the two dimensions in relation to successful change

2. Use the five levers for change to identify gaps in your plans for effective change, and consider other tools that might help you bridge those gaps

3. Use the template to create a checklist for change in relation to your business need, specifically around teams and the resources they need to effect change, then the knowledge and abilities they will need to effect change.

Click here: for more information about the Prosci Change Management Tools and Resources

Please do share your experiences with these models in the comments below.  I am building a portfolio of small business case studies and would love to include examples of what has worked well for you.

PS – If you need further help then give me a call on 07962 626604 to arrange a Skype session with me.

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