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Tag: Poetry

Alone with my Pen (3TC #323)

Alone with my pen A crisp white piece of paper – and a mental crush (Haiku) Phone with thanks to Pexels  I have been a bit remiss of late … […]

Empower – Ch#41 (Just one thing)

Women Shyly, self-conscious Accommodating, apologising, defining … “Women of the World” Celebrating, thriving, appreciating … Boldly, self-confident, Women (Diamante) Chapter 40 – Summary from the Wisdom of Jude Kelly The […]

The Prize Ch#39 – (Just one thing)

Set aside the Auschwitz wallow, Make the most of what you have got, When one slice of bread is your lot, Eat slowly, savor, each swallow, And, save a bit, […]

Fight – Ch#38 (Just one thing)

Let’s fight for freedom, Regardless of its huge cost. For everyone’s right – To choose how to live their life, In peace, and with acceptance. (Tanka)  Photo by Muhammadtaha Ibrahim Ma’aji from Pexels […]

Act – Ch#37 (Just one thing)

If you think, It’s been a bad day, At bedtime … Tomorrow, Awake the intent to change; As action cures fear. (Shadorma) Photo with thanks to Pexels Chapter 37 – […]

An Extra Mile – Ch#36 (Just one thing)

Step out the limelight, Keep your eye out for chances – To use your fame well. (Haiku) Photo by Sharon McCutcheon from Pexels Chapter 36 – Summary from the Wisdom of Jude Law […]

Intent – Ch#35 (Just one thing)

Whatever you do, do it with firm intent, Not with abuse, nor rants, nor indignant shouts; A whisper can reach more, with your argument, The wrongful detention – no trial; […]

Ambition – Ch#34: (Just one thing)

What is wrong with having ambition? Regardless of which sex you are. It’s good if you can achieve More than what’s expected. The perception is, Irrelevant. So be kind, To […]

Rhythm – Ch#33 (Just one thing)

Listen to the rift – Rhythm is the essence of life, Feel its thumping beat. (Haiku) Photo by Brett Sayles from Pexels Chapter 33 – Summary from the Wisdom of Mickey Hart  The […]

Stay Strong – Ch#32 (Just one thing)

Observe, in the mirror, her refection, A woman … black … moreover … awarded. Ignoring, the barbed jibes, of rejection, Not rising, to assumptions, afforded. “Conservatory” arts well, rewarded This […]

Conviction – Ch#28 (Just one thing)

Cogitation, Cautiously, thoughtful; Concentrating, obsessing, analyzing … The Conviction that’s bestirred. Considering, wondering, embracing … Cheerily, joyful; Contemplation. (Diamante) Photo by Retha Ferguson from Pexels Chapter 28 – Summary from the Wisdom of […]

Practice – Ch#22: (Just one thing)

Nurture your talent, Analyze every detail – Minutiae even, Then, practice, practice, practice, And practice – just a bit more. (Tanka) Photo by Oliver Sjöström from Pexels Chapter 22 – Summary from the […]

Give over Banksy (3TC #303)

Clean the wall again? It has been done twice this week – Give over ‘Banksy’ (Haiku) Photo by Markus Spiske from Pexels Post inspired by Pensitivity 101 and the Three Things Challenge #303 […]

Cheery bye! Weekly Haiku Prompt #315

Kiss the chimpanzee Cheery bye from the human – It’s good we evolved (Haiku) Photo by Francesco Ungaro from Pexels Haiku inspired by Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Prompt # 315 Chimpanzee & Kiss […]

No Regrets Ch#19: (Just one thing)

Don’t hear voices that say we can’t Recover from adversity, Climb over disability. And so, let not those seeds take plant; Instead, look for thoughts that enchant.   I was […]

Share Ch#18: (Just one thing)

Take life in your hands, Don’t waste a single moment – Share with those you love. (Haiku) PS – spookily … chapter 18 lands on the 18th July 2020, which […]

World Emoji Day – 17th July (Just for Fun)

Emojis emerged from Japan, The J Phone is where they began, None could have predicted,  Emotions depicted, Would’ve had such a long life span. 🤣 (Limerick) Photo by Polina Tankilevitch from Pexels Limerick […]

Positivity Ch#16: (Just one thing)

Getting stotious is good for the soul at times, Likewise, a tiddely wallow, does no harm, For goodness sake, be quick to snap out of it, Because, being positive has […]

Wonder! Ch#15: (Just one thing)

We loved the wonders Of nature, when we were young. Revive that magic, As we seek ways to conserve Our beautiful Blue Planet. (Tanka) Photo by Caleb Oquendo from Pexels Chapter 15 – […]

Live Life Ch#14: (Just one thing)

Life is amazing, Wrap it with nowt but passion – Plus hard work, of course! (Haiku) Photo by Artem Beliaikin from Pexels Chapter 14 – Summary from the Wisdom of Sandi Toksvig The […]

Finger Pointing – (Weekly Haiku Prompt#314)

Don’t point your finger, When the planet turns brown as – Three, point back at you! (Haiku) Photo by Rodolpho Zanardo from Pexels Inspired by Ronovan Writes Weekly Haiku Poetry Prompt Challenge 314 […]

Be TRUE (Ch#11: Just One Thing)

Be curious and somewhat shrewd, Chase anything worth your betting, Keep knocking until you’re let in, Stay focussed, direct, but not crude, Not keeping in touch would be rude.   […]