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Project Tag: Non-Exec and Board Mentoring

THE “How To’ Business Models & Tools to help you manage your growing business

The Productivity Triangle

Improving productivity is one of the key economic issues of our time in the UK. In principle there are many things we can do to improve our personal time management […]

Empowerment Dimensions

Many businesses attempt to create an empowered organisation because it improves delegation, employee satisfaction and productivity but often the planned ’empowered culture’ fails because leaders don’t take into account the […]

Strategic Tax Planning

Whether or not you are growing your business, there are tax implications. Growth adds additional considerations.  Maybe you are thinking about acquiring another business, maybe be you are investing in people, […]

Aristotle’s Golden Mean

A value in the business sense usually refers to a culturally accepted norm. Workplace values like: Respect, Integrity, Openness, Excellence help define the boundaries, or rules, for your people’s behaviour. […]

True North

“True North” is an idiom that emerged from Toyota twenty years ago. True North works as a compass proving a guide to take a business from the current position to […]

Contingency Planning

The purpose of a contingency plan is to help you think through what your business might need in the calm before a storm arises.  It provides a list of things you will […]

Lasswell’s Comms Model

This post explores Lasswell’s model of communication and overlays some research commissioned by Barclays which gives some context to consider when analysing your communication strategies.  Harold Lasswell’s communication model has 5 […]

Business Environment Analysis

This Business Environment Analysis comes from a book called Business Model Canvas by Osterwalder & Pigneur, which we have looked at in its entirety in another video.  It is a […]

Strategic Drift & Flux

Most businesses quite rightly develop incrementally based on historical success.  It makes no sense to dramatically change your business model if you are in line with environmental changes that are […]

Five Mindsets of a Manager

The five managerial mindsets that Gosling & Mintzberg have identified do not stand alone.  Juggling all the elements in running a successful business is a never-ending decision-making exercise.  Think global and […]

Morgan’s Culture Metaphors

Having previously posted a video about Schein’s 3 Levels of Culture, in this video I am focusing on recognising the underlying culture in your business.  This is important especially if […]

Schein’s 3 Levels of Culture

Edgar Schein’s model of organisational culture originated in the 1980s. Schein identified three distinct levels: artifacts and behaviours, espoused values and deep underlying assumptions. In this video we look at […]

Five Fair Dismissal Reasons

From time to time as a business you will need to lose some of your employees.  There are five absolutely justifiable reasons for doing this.  If your employee has less […]

Protected Characteristics

The Equality Act 2010 has identified nine protected characteristics that you need to bear in mind to ensure you protect everyone from discrimination. As an employer not only do you have the […]

Basic Employment Law

To keep on top of changes to employment law you might wish to subscribe to a website like XpertHR

TQM – 6 Sigma, Lean & Agile

Whichever TMQ model you adopt or adapt, it is important that small businesses establish a culture that embraces curiosity, continuous learning and change.  Responsible growth results from listening to both your client and your staff.

Pivotal Talent

Assess the resources you will need for your growth plans and how much it will cost in your Five Phase Business Plan

Robinson’s Business Ethics Synergy Star

Business ethics is the responsibility of everyone in the business, but it starts at the top. Leaders need to model, communicate, and enforce its expectations and commitment to ethical decision-making […]

Data Mining

Data Mining is the gathering of information – the term data science means looking for actionable insights from gathered data.  Anything that helps to make the decision making process easier […]

Carroll’s CSR Pyramid

In this video we look at Carroll’s Corporate Social Responsibility Pyramid, consider our business behaviours towards ethics and CRS. Then we’ll review Porter and Kramer’s extension of the model into […]

Burke & Litwin’s Drivers for Change

This video explores Burke & Litwin’s Drivers for Change model as a framework for conducing your annual business appraisal.  Reviewing your business strategy and model on a regular basis ensures […]

Data Protection

The General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will give people more control over their personal information when it is passed into law in May 2018. Among other things, it aims to […]

Hawkey’s Exit Strategies

An exit strategy transitions the ownership of a company  through sale to another investor. That might be through an acquisition or a merger, a management buyout or a buy in […]

Gantt Charts

  A Gantt Chart is one where a series of horizontal lines represents the amount of work to be completed in a certain period of time. It is most commonly […]

Five Stages of Decline

Every business is at some time likely to face some form of difficulty.  The key is to catch things early to ensure recovery.  Inertia is the big killer.  There are […]

Acid Test

In business finance the acid test is a quick formula that indicates whether a business is able to easily pay its creditors …  The acid test was coined from an […]

THE Board Set Up

Good Governance requires board members who can think conceptually and with a long term perspective, able to welcome a diversity of opinions but abide by group decisions.

Business Governance

Every limited company has to have a least one director. A public limited company (PLC) must have at least two directors. There are limits on who can be a director […]

McKinsey’s 7-S Framework

There are many tools you can use to go about analysing how well your business is positioned to achieve its intended objective.  One that has stood the test of time […]

Cloyd & Goleman’s Board Mentoring

This is one of three how to videos on business mentoring.  This one focusses on board mentoring.  For the small business there are four opportunities for board governance each supporting […]