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Robinson’s Business Ethics Synergy Star

Business ethics is the responsibility of everyone in the business, but it starts at the top. Leaders need to model, communicate, and enforce its expectations and commitment to ethical decision-making – not only to its employees but to its clients, customers, shareholders, and community.  In this video we explore the three ethical pillars that the business needs to stand on and Robinson’s business ethics synergy star as a tool to help you resolve a conflict.

Feel free to request the templates I am happy to share.

1. Consider the ethical set up of your organisation, recognising the three ethical pillars: individuals, leadership, organisational structure and systems

2. Apply Robinson’s Business Ethics Synergy Star to help you plot conflicting issues of business versus values and ethical behaviour

3.  Use Robinson & Yeh’s 7 Cs checklist to process the BESS activity

CSR & Ethics copy.010

Please do share your experiences with this model in the comments below.  I am building a portfolio of small business case studies and would love to include examples of what has worked well for you.

PS – If you need further help then give me a call on 07962 626604 to arrange a Skype session with me.

PPS – This exercise forms part of a series of workshops on Company Culture

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