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Induction & Identifying Training Needs (3)

1. Induction – the starting point

Most employers recognise the fact that their staff are their greatest asset, and the right recruitment and induction processes are vital in ensuring that the new employee becomes effective in the shortest time.’ (ACAS 2010).

During this session you will:

  • Decide business purpose for improved induction and probation
  • Review current induction and probation procedures
  • Develop an induction checklist
  • Create a feedback process for operational improvement

2. Probationary Periods

The probationary period enables continual professional development of employees in their first 6-12 months whilst keeping an eye on performance levels during the same.

During this session you will:

  • Recognise factors that may distort perceptions of employees
  • Plan and review an induction programme based upon clear, objective criteria
  • Deliver Training Needs Assessment (optional profiling tool)
  • Practice listening skills

3. The  Learning Organisation

Learning organisations are flexible and focused on their future. They develop staff talent to increase their scope and improve performance.  By encouraging new thinking, questioning minds and teamwork, a learning organisation adapts and flourishes.

During this session you will:

  • Identify the Skills Gap
  • Recognise Senge 5th Discipline
  • Analyse the Investors in People criterion
  • Plan an Action Centred Leadership programme


“I would like to thank you for your contribution to the company and for the professional manner in which you have managed; developing and training staff very comprehensively.  The standards set on merchandising and staff training have certainly left the McIlroys staff in no doubt as to what was expected of them. Thank you for your continued support”  Arthur Roberts

  1. Prices per session start from £500, for a tailored agenda, excludes handouts and workbooks
  2. Either session can be delivered as a webinar lasting 1 hour, with audience Q&As from £200
  3. This material can also be delivered as a series of coaching sessions over a period of 5 weeks via a one hour Skype or Google hangout



Not sure where to start?  Try profiling your new starters with a Training Needs Assessment Tool.  It will uncover your employees’ most critical training needs? 


Make contact for a free initial telephone consultation without obligation.

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