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THE Essential Business Review

Without doubt you set out some key objectives for your business.  Have you achieved what you wanted to achieve? Now is a good a time to review your progress, consider your direction and set out some new objectives for this year with your business mentor.  This workshop considers the importance of the business performance appraisal.  During this session delegates look at the importance of the business performance appraisal.

During this session you will:

  • Consider the PESTLE model to look at the macro environment
  • Complete a Power SWOT to assess current capacity & capability, performance & delivery
  • Review motivation and incentives to achieve specific goals
  • Assess the current culture of the business

Optional session 2 covers the interpersonal skills for facilitating the essential business review

By the end of this session you will

  • Instigate a business health check
  • Consider Burke-Litwin’s Drivers for Growth
  • Discuss how to evaluate your board performance
  • Determine how to communicate your strategic options

Prices per session start from £500, including manuals, handouts, and a tailored agenda.

These can be delivered as a webinar lasting 1 hour each, with audience Q&As from £200

Make contact for a free initial telephone consultation without obligation.


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