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Marvellous Mentoring (3)

1. Mentoring in the Moment

A good mentor relationship is one where the mentor and mentee have mutual respect.  They recognise the need for continual professional development and respect that insights can come from both sides of the party.  encourages you to consider the power and the value of the mentor relationship.

During this session you will:

  • Recognise Kram’s four phases in a mentoring relationship.  (optional profiling workbook – Mentoring in the Moment)
  • Determine Grow’s Self-Directed Learning
  • Learn to listen with intent
  • Practice feedback and disclosure with Johari’s window

2. Mentoring as a Movement

Mentoring is a well used learning and development tool for small businesses as it maximises the resources the business already has.  There are many ways small business might use a mentoring programme to benefit its business: apprenticeships, graduate training, succession planning, leadership development.

During this session you will:

  • Apply Clutterbuck’s mentoring in the workplace
  • Assess Cohen’s six mentor role competencies (optional profiling workbook – Principles of Adult Mentoring Inventory)
  • Consider Goleman’s emotional intelligences
  • Practice assertive verbal techniques for giving feedback

3. Mentoring in the Boardroom

As your business grows, impartial governance ensures the business complies with all legal and constitutional requirements.  It challenges and supports strategic direction and priorities, high-level policies and management performance expectations. It oversees the management of risk, monitors and evaluates business performance.

During this session you will:

  • Consider Cloyd’s model on Board Governance
  • Develop your Feedback Control model (example video)
  • Determine the qualities of the board debate
  • Evaluate your board performance


“Laura has been hugely supportive of me, encouraging me to give presentations, providing me with extensive feedback on my projects, products and services and allowing me to grow into a confident and capable facilitator. Without Laura’s extensive interest in my business, gentle encouragement and wise words, I can definitely say I would not be where I am now. She is a trusted advisor in every sense.” Linda Parkinson-Hardman

  1. Prices per session start from £500, for a tailored agenda, excludes handouts and workbooks
  2. Either session can be delivered as a webinar lasting 1 hour, with audience Q&As from £200
  3. This material can also be delivered as a series of coaching sessions over a period of 5 weeks via a one hour Skype or Google hangout



Not sure where to start?  Try profiling your staff & management with the Mentoring in the Moment inventory …




Make contact for a free initial telephone consultation without obligation.

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