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Tag: My Blog Musings

Not in My Back Yard – Public Relations #4

“The Examination Authority completed its inspection of the Navitus Bay Wind Farm 18k page application at 12 midnight on 11 March 2015.  The Examination Authority panel reports to the Secretary […]

Perfect Public Speaking

I love TED Talks!  I will often click on ‘surprise me’ on my TED Talks app and watch something I’ve not considered before. Few people willingly commit themselves to speaking […]

Voice Power for Presenters

During a weekend last year, I had the privilege to facilitate the lecture series at the Good Funeral Awards in Bournemouth.  Five fabulous and worthy speakers on a variety of fascinating […]

Chutzpah! – Cheek Charms

Since we are amidst  the awards season, it seemed appropriate to discuss harnessing the power of chutzpah!  The word has been adopted from Yiddish and means someone who has  shameless audacity; […]