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Changeability – Managing & Leading Constant Change


Develop your ability to recognise when you need to instigate a change, then how to best manage and communicate the change.    When we want to effect a change, we need to bear in mind the complexity of what we are facing. Changeability looks at personal and project management, communication, and effective leadership skills.

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There are a lot of change models. I have chosen nine of my favourites that I hope you will find as useful as I have. They are:

  1. Burke & Litwin’s Drivers for Change
  2. PESTEL Analysis
  4. Business Model Canvas
  5. Greiner’s Growth Curve
  6. Kubler Ross Change Curve
  7. Gleicher’s Change Formula
  8. Vroom’s Expectancy Theory
  9. And the ADKAR Change Model

More importantly, I have created some tools that will help you to apply the theory to your own experience.  Each session comes in three parts to make it easy for you to return to a particular section at a later date.

  • The introduction includes the downloadable templates
  • The theoretical change model described along with how to apply the tool.
  • A relevant example, story, case study, and links to additional learning resources

Like all learning, the more we apply, practice, and reflect on the content, the more powerful the results.

As we go through, you may find you have questions. Either message me directly or post a question in the group forum. I love it when we get to learn from our peers don’t you?

What you’ll learn

  • How to communicate change, motivate and overcome resistance, through understanding change models and completing relevant exercises

Are there any course requirements or prerequisites?

  • Delegates need to have time to apply the change models we work through to their own leadership roles. They may find a group of trusted advisors externally, within their organisations or within the discussion vehicles.

Who this course is for:

  • Millennials, entrepreneurs and business leaders

Introductory FREE Discount Code for Changeability  – valid until 6th November 2020 – limited to 10:


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