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Four KPI Critical Points

According to Andy Neely there are 4 critical points that need to be considered when creating the key performance indicators in your business. Following, there is an 8 KPIs narrative […]

Terrific Teams (3)

1. There’s Always One! There are many takes on personality traits that will help you diagnose your team make up.  But should we create a well balanced team of individual […]

Make Meetings Matter (3)

1. Plan the Most Effective Meetings  Most business meetings need not be the biggest waste of time they are often perceived to be. With a little time spent planning a […]

Captivate your Customers (3)

1. Customer Delight Customer satisfaction is the baseline.  In order to grow organically a business needs to excel in delighting its customer, client and/or consumer.  During this session you are […]

Engaging Employee Appraisals (3)

Employee Engagement Reviews offer a great opportunity to give and get constructive feedback, and enable you to align your organisation’s objectives with those of your employees.

Induction & Identifying Training Needs (3)

1. Induction – the starting point Most employers recognise the fact that their staff are their greatest asset, and the right recruitment and induction processes are vital in ensuring that […]

Rigorous Recruitment (3)

On average business spends £8,200 and it can cost up to £12,000 to recruit a Senior Manager or Director. There is also the lost opportunity costs and those in relation to getting the recruitment process wrong.