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Terrific Teams (3)

1. There’s Always One!

There are many takes on personality traits that will help you diagnose your team make up.  But should we create a well balanced team of individual personalities and all the communication issues that brings.  Or should we build a team of like minded folk who are collectively striving in unison with the myriad blind spots that that brings? 

During this session we will: 

  • Identify Belbin’s team role preferences
  • Discover Tuckman’s team development model (video example)
  • Explore Sinek’s Circle of Safety
  • Determine the five fair reasons for dismissal

2. Engagement, Empowerment & Accountability

Employee engagement is the current business buzz word being banded about.  It sounds like a lot of time is being spent on generating a culture that is great for the employee, after all we are in zero unemployment and it costs a lot to replace someone that leaves our company.  But engagement doesn’t live alone.  It lives with its partners, empowerment and accountability.  All three need to be considered and embedded into the values of your business to make engagement effective.  

During this session we will:

  • Explore Lencioni’s 5 Dysfunctions of a Team
  • Profile employee empowerment 
  • Determine how to embed accountability
  • Consider Maslow’s motivation & employee engagement

3. Improving the Productivity Puzzle

Productivity is defined as the efficient use of resources, labour, capital, land, materials, energy, information, in the production of various goods and services. Improving  productivity means accomplishing more with the same amount of resources or achieving higher output in terms of volume and quality from the same input.  There are investments that we can make to improve efficiency and effectiveness through minimising waste, adopting technology and investing in people.

During this session you will:

  • Determine your business productivity ratios
  • Identify wastage using 5 Lean Principles
  • Plot where you might boost results through technology adoption
  • Adopt an accountability culture using the productivity triangle


“Laura has a wonderful way with people whether organising, advising or training them. When Laura speaks people listen because of her expertise and presence. Her knowledge of business, networking, and strategic development is invaluable. She is also a person with huge integrity; and genuinely cares about the individual, the team and the project.” Jane McKell

  1. Prices per session start from £500, for a tailored agenda, excludes handouts and workbooks
  2. Either session can be delivered as a webinar lasting 1 hour, with audience Q&As from £200
  3. This material can also be delivered as a series of coaching sessions over a period of 5 weeks via a one hour Skype or Google hangout



Not sure where to start?  Try profiling your staff & management with the Accountability for Results inventory.  It enables participants to understand, own, and apply the process that achieves results which reflect individual and organisational goals


Make contact for a free initial telephone consultation without obligation.

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