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Greater Growth Strategies (3)

1. The ‘Fast’ Alternative to Organic Growth

The riskiest opportunity for high growth in Ansoff’s matrix is the diversification.  High risks can also bring high rewards.  It is why high net worth individuals will invest in business start ups.  Growth can be sped up with further investments in strategically acquiring other businesses, merging with or embarking on joint ventures.

By the end of this session we will:

  • Consider Ricardo’s strategic growth opportunities
  • Plan market research and approach
  • Value the business and limit the risks diligence
  • Applying Egan’s shadow side theory

2. Exploring Exporting

The internet has made the commercial world accessible to almost all.  If your business has a reasonably established UK market, potentially it could successfully compete overseas too.  However, as with all strategic business plans you need to research thoroughly your would-be markets to ensure you can fulfil a need and deliver effectively so that any investment in trading overseas you make, pays dividends.

By the end of this session we will:

  • Explore the Global Market Place
  • Complete a PESTEL Analysis
  • Determine Export Entry Strategies
  • Review an Export Resource Checklist

3. Adapting to Business Growth

When we consider Greiner’s Growth Curve we can recognise that we must adapt to changes in our business make up and relationships as the business grows.  During these sessions delegates looks at growth and crisis management, how to let go and focus on what is most important.

By the end of this session we will:

  • Recognise Greiner’s Growth Curve
  • Delegate with an “insurance” policy cover
  • Review Cranfield’s business relationships model
  • Identify what’s Urgent and Important


“I first started working with Laura McHarrie six months after the launch of my first company ooops! in 2002. I have since invested in two other diverse businesses, tripleO and Natures-Panacea. I have used other advisors for specific advice and support, many introduced through her network, Laura however, has remained a valued business advisor and sounding board throughout. I appreciate her creative thinking, her straight talking, probing questions and her ability to appreciate the answers. The combination is quite unique and very powerful. She challenges my decisions which enables me to step back and think through my previously planned course of action.” Paul Booker

  1. Prices per session start from £500, for a tailored agenda, excludes handouts and workbooks
  2. Either session can be delivered as a webinar lasting 1 hour, with audience Q&As from £200
  3. This material can also be delivered as a series of coaching sessions over a period of 5 weeks via a one hour Skype or Google hangout

Make contact for a free initial telephone consultation without obligation.

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