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Tag: six sentence story

On Perfection – (Sijo Challenge #7)

None of us has it all figured; we all mess up at times. Pretending to be perfect, frankly, doesn’t make it so. Take responsibility, apologise and move on. (Sijo) Poem […]

Red Mist – (Weekly 6SS & Sijo Challenge)

Times are; when tempers fray, red mist erupts, air turns smokey blue. Consider the triggers, step back from the cause; then breathe deeply. Pull out grandma’s old cook book: she […]

Hook – (Weekly Decima#99)

Sometimes life, just gets in the way, Of the aims and goals you have made. Yet, if on the path you had stayed,  There’d have been a keen price to […]

Lost – (Six Sentence Story #187)

When we make a mistake, all is not quite lost. Dance around on the wild side. Why ever not? Worry less of the opportunity cost, Take the big risk and […]

Keepsake – (6SS + Blogtober #30)

I, Christine, Anchoress Of Shere parish cloth, Pledge my religion and deep faith to Jesus. He hears, feels and sees us; Everywhere in life. -o0o- Walled up in somber cell […]

Three Wishes (6SS + Blogtober #15)

If you had three wishes,  How would you use them –  Rewind that video, erase the harsh words?  The screech of Raven birds,  That echo; echo.  -o0o- Perhaps you’ll imagine, […]

Weekly Smile – (3TC #699)

We’ve been on our hols – the first one since the Rugby World Cup in Japan 2019 – such bliss even though I am now sat in the front of […]

Shift – (Six Sentence Story #169)

We’re going for the shift A change in our thoughts, To stop future worry: what has been and what’s gone. We need to act upon, A movement in state. -o0o- […]

Centring – (Six Sentence Story #168)

Tense muscles, sweating palms A racing heart beat? Symptoms of stress related anxiety Stoking dubiety In your competence. -o0o- Choose instead to focus On the energy. It flows with vigorous […]

Bored? – (Shi-Rensa Haiku)

When time doth drag on, Dust off the boredom dandruff – Seek a diversion. -o0o- Seek a diversion, Count back from ninety in threes? Rise to the challenge. -o0o- Rise […]

Pawn – (Six Sentence Story #157)

The soul of the Chess board, The unwitting Pawns Unique arrangement will prevail or call quits. In this battle of wits … Overlook them not. -o0o- Unpredictable are Both Bishops […]

Driving Home – (Tanka Tuesday#220)

For utmost impact Make sure you’re exact, Keep words both simple and clear. To drive a point home In full monochrome; You need to be ‘quite’ austere. -o0o- A spelling […]

Top Gear – (Six Sentence Story #153)

Tis comfortable to be in cruise control, But do take note of complacency creep. Keep a keen look out for that darn pothole, That’ll swallow you in a micro-sleep. -o0o- […]

On Frustration – (Six Sentence Story)

Let go of your fury In dignified fashion. The flip side of passion Is frustration. -o0o- When you’re just plain angry, Unbalanced, off kilter; Remember to filter Your responses. -o0o- […]

Mentors – (SSS & Rispetto Challenge)

Do not take notice of what’s making the rounds. If you really want to go the whole distance, Listen to how your heart sings, and how that sounds. Then, there’s […]

Menu – (Six-Sentence Story)

The Christmas menu will be a little odd this year, there will be just the two of us and one has a shift on Christmas morning. We have planned a […]

Wax – (Six Sentence Story #134)

Heyho! It turned out that the elusive first edition, signed Asimov Foundation Series novels were with, Malcolm, our first cousin on Dad’s side of the family. It came to light […]

Clip – (Six-Sentence Story #133)

The old clothes we had donned to clear out the loft were now stiff with blood, sweat and tears; any more grime would have had them running off by themselves, […]

Finagle – (Six Sentence Story #130)

It wasn’t that Dad’s handwritten will had no date; it did … Friday February 2011. Hells bells and various other words to that effect. It had been witnessed by Dad’s next door neighbours, […]

Field – (Six Sentence Story#129)

“Oh dear” – she mumbled into her chest … “Dad bought a brand new shiny box a couple of years ago, it’s under the stairs, all his private papers will […]

Elastic – Six-Sentence Story #126

175 years ago, Stephen Perry patented the ‘elastic’ band, for the improvement to the rubber band through vulcanisation. The heating of the rubber with sulphur made the band more durable […]