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Outcome – (Six-Sentence Story #132)

Whilst we needed to ascend the loft, to see what we could locate of Dad’s treasures left in his will, both my sister and I were daunted; Dad had always been so very precise, so clear and so tidy! Sure, he had had a motor cycle up there but it’d had been well looked after and we’d never been worried about it or its outcome.

Mum on the other-hand, much less so, the loft had become just one of the myriad places she magpied her ‘bargain’ purchases. She, at one time, had got so addicted to the QVC channel and, at its pinnacle, had bought a Bucking Bronco, (for exercise purposes, girls, you know?) Like many other random buys, she had kept it, and the box it came in, for too many years, just in case she decided to send it back.

The thought of having to tender the dark, damp, spider-ridden, floorboards in the loft, clambering over whatever mother had stash up there, left a lot to be desired; however, the ne’er previously known of Asimov, first edition, Foundation Series, was not going to be found though us procrastinating.

(Six-Sentence Story)

Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

Post inspired by Denise’s Six Sentence Story Challenge #132- Tender. If you, too would like to join in please click on the link.

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PS – I was challenged by fellow six sentence story writers to pen a series. This is part 5

PPS – Also managed to weave in Fandango’s FOWC – Outcome. If you, too would like to join in please click on the link


  1. Speaking of opposites attract – seems as if Mum and Dad were polar opposites 😀
    Not unexpected for a little procrastination to pop up undertaking the task of going through a departed family member’s possessions, especially if that person is a parent.
    Fingers crossed, the Asimov, first edition, Foundation Series is found!

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  2. Oh, my goodness, she is my mother in law! She is addicted to QVC, and I can’t imagine how much she spends a month there. And she saves all the boxes from everything, because she thinks that makes them more valuable. Gahhhh! Great six!

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