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On Change – (Weekly 6SS & Sijo Challenge)

If you’re always short of time the chances are, you’ve not got a plan.

Those who don’t … find themselves scrambled, exhausted, when shit hits the fan.

Those who prepare for the unexpected, encounter it with ease.


Being prepared gives you an edge, when opportunities arise.

Those who focus can visualise … what it takes to get the prize.

Those who suffer from distractions do find themselves, outwith control.

(Double Sijo)

Poem inspired by Ronovan’s new Sijo challenge #8 – CHANGE. Do click through if you, too would like to join in.

Expanded to fit Denise’s Six Sentence Story prompt #203 – CONTROL. Also click through if you, would like to join in!.


  1. funny about our (universal) belief in control, maybe it’s not so much as regulating the level of surprise?
    thought-provoking Six


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