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Three Wishes (6SS + Blogtober #15)

If you had three wishes, 

How would you use them – 

Rewind that video, erase the harsh words? 

The screech of Raven birds, 

That echo; echo. 


Perhaps you’ll imagine,

Ingressing the dream – 

A luxurious penthouse in the city?

Clear vista so pretty,

No dust specks dancing.


Maybe you’ll ease world peace, 

Spritzing a great gift – 

On all those with power to use it for right?

Each wish; has destined might; 

Take care how you choose.

(Double Ennead)

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

This poem inspired by Colleen’s Monthly Double Ennead Challenge #8 – click through on this link, if you’d like to join in on this one! The prompt was to use your senses …

Also linking to Denise’s Six Sentence Story – This week’s prompt word: VIDEO. Click through with the links, if you, too, would like to join in …

And last by by no means least, linking to Christine The Saxophone Player’s Wife #Blogtober troupe, for encouragement!


  1. “Perhaps you’ll imagine,

    Ingressing the dream – ”

    I love the idea of “ingressing the dream”. Your poetry, Laurie, commands multiple reads as each time there is something new, some other thought that germinates at the end of each reading.

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  2. Great warning ending in this SSS. While many things might begin with a wish, to see them come to pass usually involves more than just wishing, but it is fun to dream.

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  3. as the others, the though comes, ‘Be careful of what you wish for.’

    (as a kid, I was captured by the tragic horror of W.W. Jacobs’ ‘The Monkey’s Paw’. However, being a clark* the conclusion I drew from this and the countless fairy tales, myths contrasted with the everyday ‘there is no such thing as magic’ lessons, the conclusion that if magic didn’t exist, why is everyone trying to warn children against it’s use. lol)

    *one of the three personality types of the Wakefield Doctrine

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