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Wax – (Six Sentence Story #134)

Heyho! It turned out that the elusive first edition, signed Asimov Foundation Series novels were with, Malcolm, our first cousin on Dad’s side of the family. It came to light after a round robin email to the wider family, when we invited them to join us in celebrating Dad’s life, on what would have been his 100th birthday.

Dad and Malcolm had shared a passion for train sets and bikes and both could wax lyrically with humour on just about anything – nay everything. It really wasn’t a huge surprise that they might have shared a passion for other boyish things that neither daughter did; nor was it a big shock that Dad had passed the books on to Malcolm on one of his rare visits; it was the sort of thing he would have done.

Malcolm had been keen to keep the books and offered to buy Alec, (Dad’s grandson, his will’s intended beneficiary of the books) a brand new PlayStation 6 – the offer was grasped with pure joy!

Now all that is left for my sister and me to do is to await the decision from the probate court on whether they’ll accept the will as authentic, despite the date discrepancy … we are thinking – it could be a long, long wait.

(Six-Sentence Story)

Photo by from Pexels

Post inspired by Denise’s Six Sentence Story Prompt #134. Please do click through for the rules, if you too, would like to join in.

PS – This is the last of this current series, previous episodes of what has turned into a ‘saga’ can be found by clicking on these links:


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