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The New Normal – (Six Sentence Story)

Lessons learned,

When locked in crisis …

May be hard.

If we’re marred,

Step away from the madness –

Take time to reflect.


Sleep on it,

Let our minds make sense …

Of the mess.

That process,

Will link facts to the theory

And form new models.


This framing,

Will help with planning …

The next move.

Such will prove,

What we would like to become –

The now, new normal.


Photo by Sorapong Chaipanya from Pexels

This post is inspired by Colleen’s Weekly Tanka Challenge #215. This week is a Tanka free for all. I’ve chosen the Shadorma, which I have also linked to Denise’s Six Sentence Story – prompt THEORY. Click through with the links, if you, too, would like to join in …


  1. I so understand–“struggle” seems to be the name of the game, a huge piece of the new normal. I kind of seesaw between “doing okay” and not. Take good care of you–you’re wonderful!!💖

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  2. really like the ‘look’* and reinforces the words… or the words as I experience them**
    especially the concept of ‘framing’ i.e. new models being frame as part of, if not actual manifestation of planning, which we all do, whether we’re directly aware of it or not***

    Enjoyed this Six

    *whatever the cool word for, what the people on the cooking shows refer to as ‘presentation’
    ** I will refrain from going off on tangents relating to the personal nature of reality
    *** welll that didn’t last all that long! lol

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