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Positive Seeds – (Weekly Decima Prompt #44)

If we find we are feeling low,

Perhaps, we’ve lost our fervent zeal?

Worry not! Beg, borrow or steal,

Little gems from Gurus who know.

Each will help us mend, heal and grow.

If we plough the fields and scatter,

Those positive seeds that matter,

Over fecund and fertile land.

Water with wonder to withstand,

Darker days when doubt does chatter.


Photo by Singkham from Pexels

Post inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Decima Prompt – STEAL. Click through for the rules if you, too, would like to join in …

Also linking to Denise’s Six Sentence Story prompt #146 – Plow/Plough 😆 Click through for the rules if you, too, would like to join in …


  1. Thank you, Frank. I had aa slight wobble with this decima. Thinking the prompt was an A rather than a B line. Which resulted in a whole change to the theme. Second half with the plough/plow still worked though. Hey ho! 🤪

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  2. You’re not kidding Chris! I am quite a slow writer and when I realised the first version didn’t meet the challenge rule, the air was decidedly blue and more bitter than the Beast from the East!!! 🤣


  3. Gonna vote for the “Little gems from Gurus who know” line as the pivot point from the anchor of ‘fervent zeal’ to the uplifting ”…the withstand’

    One of the bad things many of us are taught before we can learn is that the secret of the universe is a whole set of teachings, rather than, as you point out, a selection (over time) of little gems.

    Enjoyable Six

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