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Finagle – (Six Sentence Story #130)

It wasn’t that Dad’s handwritten will had no date; it did … Friday February 2011. Hells bells and various other words to that effect.

It had been witnessed by Dad’s next door neighbours, Ken and Iris who had owned a little boutique in Bond Street.  They still lived next door, and would have been on one of their many cruises, but this year, were languishing in a Cornish country estate instead.

After much musing, the temptation to finagle had diminished and we agreed to send the will to the probate court to see what transpired.  We made a cup of tea, and together mulled what other little surprises, we might find in Dad’s aged and diminished handwriting.

Post inspired by Denise’s Six Sentence Story Challenge #130 Boutique. If you, too would like to join in please click on the link.

PS – I was challenged by fellow six sentence story writers to pen a series. This is part 3. For part 2 – click here Field. For part 1 – click here Resistance!

PPS – Also managed to weave in Fandango’s FOWC – Finagle. If you, too would like to join in please click on the link.


  1. nice
    (image of reading in a well-appointed garden and, sitting back (in a leather wingback chair) and looking out onto a autumn-worn garden, savoring the scene presented in this Six.

    good Six, yo


  2. Nice combination of two writing prompts.
    I like the idea of mulling together over a cup of tea. Nice combo.
    I haven’t heard the expression “Hells bells” in what seems like almost a life time.
    I’ll be back to find out where this continuing SSS goes.

    Liked by 1 person

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