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Top Gear – (Six Sentence Story #153)

Tis comfortable to be in cruise control,

But do take note of complacency creep.

Keep a keen look out for that darn pothole,

That’ll swallow you in a micro-sleep.


It is easy to miss all the danger signs;

That mid-lane hugger, the rear boot flasher,

Myriad red lights, and double white lines,

Those bums you’d call a fast-peddle-thrasher.


Such is the right time to shift down a gear,

(Or regret no action with much remorse.)

Power the motor, and prepare to veer,

Kickstarting the heart of the driving force.


Avoid the dangers; make a correction;

Nothing wrong with a change in direction.


Photo by Martinus from Pexels

This post is inspired by Denise’s Six Sentence Story – prompt GEAR. Click through with the links, if you, too, would like to join in …

Tis also Day 1 of National Poetry Writing Month …


  1. Thank you Ceayr – this is only the second sonnet I have written … since school, (that’s a long time ago). I’ve been trying to use the form for the six sentence story but find I run out of ideas by the time I get to a Rispetto and/or Decima! But I made it this week! Yay! Appreciate your comment! 😁


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