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Keepsake – (6SS + Blogtober #30)

I, Christine, Anchoress

Of Shere parish cloth,

Pledge my religion and deep faith to Jesus.

He hears, feels and sees us;

Everywhere in life.


Walled up in somber cell

Attached to my church,

I view through the smallest of slit, the alter.

Lest my faith doth falter;

And fall from God’s grace.


From my previous life

There is no keepsake,

No pleasure, no earthly joy, no charms, no worth.

I am dead to this earth;

Yet – a living saint.

(Double Ennead)

Photo by Faisal Rahman from Pexels

Linking to Denise’s six sentence story prompt … KEEPSAKE

And Colleen Cheseboro’s Oct Double Ennead Challenge

Tis the penultimate day of Blogtober so I’m still linking to Caroline The Saxophone Player’s Wife #Blogtober troupe, for encouragement!



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