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Clip – (Six-Sentence Story #133)

The old clothes we had donned to clear out the loft were now stiff with blood, sweat and tears; any more grime would have had them running off by themselves, never to return. Much to our relief we encountered no snakes, nor mice; and only a few spiders, although, they had been extraordinarily active in the intervening years.

Deb and I had stripped off, taken turns in the shower; now cosily wrapped in Mum’s fluffy gowns, hair twisted in matching turbans and were curled up on the sofa with a cup of tea, yabbing over many a joyful clip of our yesteryears.

You see, not only did we clear out Dad’s, but Mother’s cutter came down too. We giggled that she’d kept our beloved dolls, Joy and Marina, a rather moth eaten and not so white, nor fluffy home-stitched teddy bear called Julian; there were the dolls’ beds, a miniature swing that Dad had made, a pair of stilts and a rusty pogo-stick; all of Mum’s jumpsuits from the 1970s, boxes of yellowed dress patterns, reams of fabric (bought in the sales) and handbags galore – all stashed, amongst the tat.

Sadly, Dad’s bequest to Alec; the Asimov’s Foundation Series was turning into a right old mystery, as we found no books – not one!

(Six-Sentence Story)

Photo by Ray Bilcliff from Pexels

PS – In case you’re wondering I started this ‘episode’ with Sammi’s Weekend Writing Prompt “Bequeath” as it was too good to miss – it’s now a six-sentence story and includes this week’s prompt Clip from Denise. Please click through for the rules, if you too are interested in joining in!

PPS – This is episode 6, previous episodes of what is now turning into a ‘saga’ can be found by clicking on these links:


  1. For me it was a treat finding some of our old childhood toys and books in the family loft. Plus all the other things we found – interesting what some folk store and others throw away.


  2. amazing how the toys and totems from childhood retain a certain, standing, even battered by the intervening years, in a sense, a sympathetic aging to stay in sync as we see the worn toys
    enjoying the serial Six

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  3. My dad has been cleaning out the basement, so I have gone through all my childhood items that are down there. We’ve had so many floods in that basement, from broken pipes to rain coming in, that there’s not that much left. I took home a doll that still talks when you pull her string along with a couple of other dolls, my Peanuts lunch box, and a bag full of notes written by my friends in junior high and high school! Nice 6!

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  4. Hey, anytime you feel like doing a ‘walk on’ over at one of my two serials, let me know… it’s kinda fun*

    *as a matter of fact, the whole ‘Whitechapel Interlude’ serial is the product of doing that with Frank (Hubby)

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