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Menu – (Six-Sentence Story)

The Christmas menu will be a little odd this year, there will be just the two of us and one has a shift on Christmas morning.

We have planned a steak, kidney and mushroom pie, with a great cut of beef, shiitake mushrooms, lambs kidneys and Charlotte potatoes that will mush into the red wine gravy. Nom nom!

It will be followed by ‘home made’ rum and raisin ice cream with ‘home grown’ raspberries and ‘home made’ ginger biscuits on the side. I suspect we’ll have some cheese with port, and a Margarita cocktail; then some whisky and spiced rum might follow that.

Hic – Dodgy Boxing Day!

Photo by Valeria Boltneva from Pexels

Post inspired by Denise’s Six Sentence Story Prompt #137 – Menu. Please do click through for the rules, if you too, would like to join in.


  1. …steak, kidney… pie

    What a cool thing to read in a Six.

    (I doubt I can explain*), while I enjoy reading Sixes and this one of yours is no exception, I also get pleasure from trying to understand the underlying technique.

    ‘How did they achieve that effect’ or ‘Why do I feel so strongly about the character’ are often on my mind as I read… and, for the most, my writing improves as a result.

    But! Your menu description is so cool in part because that is a reflection of your reality.
    There are others, (here in Sixonia), that express themselves in a way that reflects their culture… Vintage Toy and Romi come to mind; with their Sixes you get something more from the words….
    My comment threatens to require more footnotes than normal, so I will say, “Could almost smell/taste the fare (for the most part). Thoroughly engaging Six.”

    *not that that has ever stopped me from typing

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  2. Awe thank you Clark. I don’t have the imagination or technique to create a story – I am in awe of all of the Sixes that can. I love being part of the club even though mine are kind of … ‘just my life’ with relish! Laura


  3. I love reading what you will be eating on Christmas! So different from where I live! Even though we can’t be with all of our family this year, we can all find comfort in eating our favorite holiday foods!

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