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Red Mist – (Weekly 6SS & Sijo Challenge)

Times are; when tempers fray, red mist erupts, air turns smokey blue.

Consider the triggers, step back from the cause; then breathe deeply.

Pull out grandma’s old cook book: she always knew, how best to please.


Throw all ingredients into a bowl; and thoroughly beat.

Spoon onto well-greased trays; then bake until a rich golden brown.

Lift and leave on a cooling rack; for an appropriate time.

(Double Sijo)

Photo by Cats Coming from Pexels

Poem inspired by Ronovan’s new Sijo challenge #1 – Blue. Do click through if you, too would like to join in.

Expanded to fit Denise’s Six Sentence Story prompt #203 – Ingredients. Also click through if you, would like to join in!.


  1. I have several old sticky brown paged cookbooks I can’t bear to throw away. I wanted to give them to a young friend thinking she would be thrilled to have them. HA! She said she gets all her recipes from the internet. 😦
    Actually, I rarely follow a recipe. Improvise with what I have.

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