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Category: Table Topics

Discussion story prompts of around 300 words

Clubs and Camaraderie

A few weeks ago I went to the pub for breakfast, dressed in this year’s Lion’s gear. We were supporting England, Ireland, Scotland and Wales in the battle for the […]

Summer Solstice

It has been the hottest day on record, previously registered in 1976.  I was 14 that year.  I don’t remember that day – in 1976 it was hot – all […]

a Muster of Minis

It just so happened that I left Hythe a little bit earlier than planned this Sunday,  the sun was peeping out from behind a puff of wispy clouds.  I was […]

Speed Networking

Speed networking is a great way to make lots of new contacts, expand your personal network and generate business leads. In the short one to one meetings you quickly establish […]

Ring out the Old; Ring in the New

Sticking to the theme of resolutions this cliché has been lifted from a rather dark poem by Alfred Lord Tennyson published in 1850.  It has been recited annually at the […]

The Silver Lining

At the Sydney Olympics Nick Rogers and his team mate Joe Glanfield came fourth in their sailing event.  Two points short of the bronze medal – they were gutted!  After a […]

A Season of Goodwill

I had a strange day yesterday.  I drove for an hour to a networking breakfast without my purse.  Staring forlornly at the Full English being served and desperate for a […]

Perfect Public Speaking

I love TED Talks!  I will often click on ‘surprise me’ on my TED Talks app and watch something I’ve not considered before. Few people willingly commit themselves to speaking […]

Three Wheels on My Wagon

Don’t read this post … oh too late. If you’ve read the title, THAT tune is already in your head for the next … (your guess!) I heard it on […]

Love Changes Everything

Ask any designer, worth his/her salt, what a brand is and they will tell you that it is so much more than a logo and its colours.  Sure, they are […]

Inside the E-Type

  A Post-Script on Business Vision. Until recently I had never recognised my intuition or gut feelings.  This is because I was born an ‘analytic’.  I learned to be ‘dynamic’ […]

Silence is Deafening

I often get accused of being silent.  In another dimension, my New Look team accused me of being manipulative with my silence – especially when they came to me with […]

Bananas in my Golf Bag

It sounds like it should be a metaphor and potentially one given to us by Harvey Taylor of the Chicken in my Lingerie Drawer fame.  Don’t you think? Actually; bananas […]


Here’s hoping that I am out the other side of a blog block period!  It’s been going on for a couple of months now.  It’s not that I don’t have […]

A Portrait in Time – The Writer’s Way

Slowly; so very slowly she opens her eyes. In contrast she darts a glance around her. Had anyone noticed the passion that had suddenly and uncontrollably coursed through her body? […]

Eats Shoots & Leaves

At the end of a rather wet and windy Weymouth bank holiday weekend, the sun has come out just in time to put fingers to keyboard to type set this […]