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Occult Vault – (Weekly Decima Prompt)

Kismet, fluke, chance, luck or karma,

Maybe it’s destiny or fate?

On the occult or mystic state,

To excuse all of life’s drama,

That knocks off kilter, our dharma.

Tis what’s been written in the stars,

So keep those spells, well behind bars,

Or buried in a secret vault

Then, what transpires can’t be ‘our’ fault!

(56-Word Decima)

Photo by Pat Whelen from Pexels

Decima inspired by Ronovan’s Weekly Decima Challenge #28 – Fate. Follow the link for the rules, if you too would like to join in …

And – since I managed to get Vault in the poem with exactly 56 words …. (Yes it did take me ages 🤣 ) … I’m delighted to link this post to Sammi’s weekend writing prompt #180. Again click through for the rules if you too would like to join in?


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