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Weekly Smile – (3TC #421)

I’ve broken the blog block. Yay! Actually I mean podcast but it doesn’t alliterate. The last one was recorded three months ago; before I had my hand operated on. I knew the recovery was going to be painful as I had my left hand done three years ago. But … I think I’d forgotten how mentally disruptive it was going to be, before I started to feel better. Or maybe, last time there was more going on in my life to distract me? (Damn lockdown 😊)

Anyway, my good friend, Caroline Brewer, fellow Toastmaster, author and coach, gave me a nudge. She joined me and my co-presenter, Nigel to talk about how we might keep our heads when all around us are losing theirs. In her book, More Than You Think, she explores The Three Principals of mind, consciousness and thought.

I am a bit of a fan of podcasts, especially the long chats. I am fascinated by some of the subjects and often share time with them, during the early hours of the morning. But the thought of editing three hours worth of my own twaddle, to cut out the ums, ahs and the off-the-cuff distractions, gives me heart palpitations. Instead I aim to keep my podcasts to a crisp 10 minutes; three key questions that delve into three ah-ha moments that listeners can easily explore further, for theirselves.

Anyways! My big smile for last week, is for Caroline and Nigel to get Facing the Future recorded. Now … I really ought to start planning the next podcast before I get distracted by other blog prompts!! 🤪

Post inspired by Trent’s Weekly Smile prompt. Click through for the rules if you, too, would like to join in.

Also delighted to link to Di’s Three Things Challenge #421 – Cut, Crisp, Better. Click through for the rules if you, too, would like to join in.


  1. Yes – that’s it exactly. My co-presenter, Nigel and I have been chatting with guests once a month for almost 2 years now. We’ve been recording the conversation on Zoom then editing the audio before uploading. I post them on YouTube and AnchorFM. AnchorFM then passes them out to six or so Podcast platforms like Spotify. 😊

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