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Team Spirit – (Rispetto Challenge #15)

Twas a year ago, when ‘Hagibis’ typhoon,

Battered Yokohama City in Japan.

The end of our rugby tour was cruelly hewn,

This ticket was the last for this England fan,

He, very much wanted, to see his team win.

Earlier, that day, he’d got soaked to the skin;

The wind and rain proving a bit of a threat,

Agreed the hotel was indeed the best bet.


Rispetto inspired by MMA’s Rispetto Challenge, click through for the rules if you too would like to join in …

The memories of our amazing tour of Japan, last year, made me smile all over this weekend. We were due to fly home the next morning but because the typhoon closed all the airports we got an extra night in Tokyo … bonus! 😀

So I’m linking this post to Trent’s Weekly Smile too. Click through, if you too would like to share what’s making you smile …


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