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Congratulations – (The Weekly Smile)

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far from Covid – there was this brilliant business network in Dorset called BusinessXchange. For eleven years I was ‘in love’ with that network and its cohort of members. The relationships that were forged with Ketchup over full English, the Wicked Issues and Ah Ha moments were unbelievably resilient. Even now, past members will comment how much they enjoyed the sessions and how they are still in contact with … “you know who I mean”. And I will!


Does this make me smile? You bet! I have to say though, that LinkedIn has proved to be the lifeline for these continued relationships. I set up my profile way back in 2004. I have never accepted anyone that I haven’t met as a ‘connection’ simply because I have enough great people in my network to find what I am looking for. I love that I can still see when ‘my’ BXC members have done well and it’s great to know.

When I bump into the BXC folk on the real networking circuit who ‘tell’ me to start up the BXC again, I just smile. It was the best 10 years of my career, but there’s a time and a place and it’s no longer now.

Today, Chris Southgate (he is in this photo!) responded to a congrats message I sent with a true conversation. It was so lovely to reconnect and chat (albeit not verbally) when he had 70 odd other messages. I feel privileged. Anyways … that’s what’s made me smile.

Post inspired by Trent’s #Weekly Smile, click through for the rules, if you too would like to join in.

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