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Category: Table Topics

Discussion story prompts of around 300 words

Tragedy & Titters – (Song Lyric Sunday)

Scissor Sisters’ music can be generally described as a mixture of glam rock, disco and alternative music. The band has been compared to ABBA, the Bee Gees, Blondie, KC and the Sunshine Band, Duran Duran. “The […]

Finagle – (Six Sentence Story #130)

It wasn’t that Dad’s handwritten will had no date; it did … Friday February 2011. Hells bells and various other words to that effect. It had been witnessed by Dad’s next door neighbours, […]

Weekly Smile – (3TC #393)

I have always avoided the flu jab, until this year. I’ve been a type-one diabetic for 40 years and have had more than my fair share of needles in my […]

Wonderous Stories (Song Lyric Sunday)

I have chosen Wonderous Stories penned by Jon Anderson the lead singer of the 70’s band Yes …. He wrote the 1977 chart success during “a beautiful day” while staying […]

Field – (Six Sentence Story#129)

“Oh dear” – she mumbled into her chest … “Dad bought a brand new shiny box a couple of years ago, it’s under the stairs, all his private papers will […]

Stop The Clocks – (Song Lyric Sunday)

Written in 2001 by Noel Gallagher, Stop the Clocks, didn’t make it onto any Oasis album, despite their having released a compilation in 2006 with the same name.  It had […]

Congratulations – (The Weekly Smile)

Once upon a time, in a galaxy far from Covid – there was this brilliant business network in Dorset called BusinessXchange. For eleven years I was ‘in love’ with that […]

I’m Free (Song Lyric Sunday)

Don’t be afraid of your freedomFreedom I’m free to do what I want any old timeI said I’m free to do what I want any old time I say love […]

Elastic – Six-Sentence Story #126

175 years ago, Stephen Perry patented the ‘elastic’ band, for the improvement to the rubber band through vulcanisation. The heating of the rubber with sulphur made the band more durable […]

Be CURIOUS (Ch#7: Just one thing)

Curiosity! – Don’t just ask; look and listen, Taste, feel, sniff, and smell. Use all your senses To seek many answers with – Curiosity! (Haikus) Photo by FOX from Pexels Chapter 7 – […]

Into the WIND (Ch#5 Just one thing)

What the hell is work-life balance? It’s like ‘peeing’ into the wind, Such nonsense, so it should be binned, Instead, make the most of your talents, Robustly, building, valiance,   […]

So Grateful for Friends

It is almost forty years since I left college, and twenty years since the school reunion where me and my four bestest school friends all met up in the same […]

Peace and the invisible friend!

My dear old Dad has just gone back into hospital with ongoing respiratory problems, he is 99, and his kidneys no longer function very well which means the doctors are […]

With Thanks! (Discover Prompts #29 – Lists)

I’m a bit stymied with this prompt, having written two posts about lists already during the Discover Prompts challenge; MUSIC, NOTES .  These have been the two most viewed posts throughout […]

Aholic (Discover Prompts #23 – NOTE)

-aholic – denoting a person addicted to something. I am a self-confessed, note-aholic, and what’s more a list-aholic too.  Shoot!  that’s two serious confessions in one Blog post. I write […]