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Category: Business Growth Strategies

The Real Reason to Believe!

I spent half a day working through a client’s marketing collateral last week.  We were looking for the proof that their business did what they claimed.  It was a great […]

Crowdfunder Training – checked!

your team. On Tuesday, I took a day out to find out how to make the most of Crowdfunder to support the board at AsOne theatre company.  We've all heard about it but how many of us really understand the nuances of this opportunity to raise cash for our business?

Competitor Analysis

It is worth understanding how urgently your client needs what you can deliver and more importantly whether you can deliver in their timescale and within their budget.  Moreover if you decide to undercut your competitors and take on a client who won't make you any money in the short term you need to know how you do will make money from them in the longer term.  

The Day I Lost My Voice

I have lost my voice!  It hasn’t happened to me in a long time.  But today, of all days, I have been croaking my brilliant advice! Really?  I think I […]

Much Ado About Nothing!

Last weekend, Dave and I went to the open air Globe Theatre for our biennial visit.  We always go in July and … it always rains! To date, we have […]

Speed Networking

Speed networking is a great way to make lots of new contacts, expand your personal network and generate business leads. In the short one to one meetings you quickly establish […]

Top Networking Tips

Like it or not, we network all the time.  From the moment we stepped over the school ground threshold we started building relationships.  We continue to do so through college, […]

Everyone is your Customer?

There is an old saying widely used by marketing professionals: ‘If everyone’s your customer, then no-one is your customer’. This saying makes the point about being able, as precisely as […]

Hitting the Target

How do you get your message across when you are in a client meeting?  Do you use PowerPoint? Explain a brochure?  Deliver a pre-prepared speech? This post is about how […]

Three Commercial Love Stories

Advertisers know the phenomenal power behind telling a story.  Indeed the reason we call Coronation Street and East Enders ‘soap operas’ is because washing soap advertisers used to sponsor TV […]

The 2015 Highlights

Gosh, I feel like a butterfly emerging from the caterpillar chrysalis of 2015.  Well!  That may be a little hyperbolic but I quite like the imagery.  There was so much […]

The Attention Economy by Devonport & Beck

The problem of information overload has a serious impact on economics.  In their book, The Attention Economy, Davenport & Beck speculate that attention will replace finance as the focus of […]

Get the Message Across – promotional material

The lords prayer has around 100 words, the declaration of independence around 300 and a recent article on the pricing of cabbage boasted some 29k words.  WOW! Nowadays your potential clients are subject […]

Keeping in Touch – email marketing

You need to identify what your target customer wants to hear to ensure that your messages have pulling power not pushing power. Your brand needs to come across not only […]

Perfect Public Speaking

I love TED Talks!  I will often click on ‘surprise me’ on my TED Talks app and watch something I’ve not considered before. Few people willingly commit themselves to speaking […]

You Had Me At Hello – WOM marketing

Word of mouth marketing for most businesses is the single most effective part of their marketing plan.  It’s why most of us go networking.  However, it takes time to affect […]

Customer Satisfaction

A ‘just’ satisfied customer isn’t really good enough, only delighted ones will spread the words that encourage others to have the same experience.  So how do you know what your […]

What’s a Smile Worth?

50 years ago, Harvey Ball designed the iconic Smiley Face.  Its aim was to ease the acrimony following a merger of two insurance companies. The graphic supported a friendship campaign […]

SMILE – If You’re Exhibiting

Why would you even consider exhibiting when, according to Robert Craven, in terms of generating sales it ranks 8th out of 10; marginally more effective than direct mail and email?  […]

When You’re Smiling … Marketing

    “Smiling is infectious, you catch it like the flu, When someone smiled at me today, I started smiling too.     I passed around the corner and someone saw […]

Made Me Smile

68% of clients leave due to indifference or lack of attention …  sometimes it only takes a smile to get them and keep them coming back. This New Year’s Eve […]

Voice Power for Presenters

During a weekend last year, I had the privilege to facilitate the lecture series at the Good Funeral Awards in Bournemouth.  Five fabulous and worthy speakers on a variety of fascinating […]

The Credibility Factor

When you have worked hard and have done a fabulous job for a client and they voice their appreciation; do you just blush and say thanks, or do you turn […]

Is your Business Niche Enough?

The essence of attraction marketing is creating a niche with your ideal client in mind.  This ‘customer driven’ sales strategy means you must have a good idea of your ideal […]

Marketing Harmony

The impressions that readers gain from advertising campaigns are as varied as musical notes.   The true value of marketing material is not the quality of the paper, the print […]