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The 2015 Highlights

Gosh, I feel like a butterfly emerging from the caterpillar chrysalis of 2015.  Well!  That may be a little hyperbolic but I quite like the imagery.  There was so much to share with you last year and just not enough time to do it.  So here I am again with a resolution to be much better at keeping in contact.  Just wondering how long it will last!?!


In the meantime here are some highlights from 2015

Best Pulse Post Inside the E-Type I love the idea that I am a translator. 

Most viewed video The PowerSwot – a piece of work I did for the lovely Dorset Women Go Digital group.  I suspect that the link is the reason it’s my most viewed video.

Most reached Facebook post A PR Piece in the Making.  Just goes to show how linking to people can seriously increase your visits even more than paying for a boost and I have tested that too.

The Hidden Edge most viewed Blog Post this year Making a Millennial Smile Not sure but I wonder if the infographic is the reason why this has had so much interest compared to other posts – I’d welcome your views …

I watch Ted Talks … a lot – this is the most shared on The Hidden Edge Why it’s Time to Forget the Pecking Order at Work

And finally I’d like to thank some special people that made last year so special

Adam King and Mike Barnett for doing what needed to be done, and doing it well

Adrian Williams for investing in The Boutique Village – his big dream

Chris Odell for holding me accountable for … everything

Linda Parkinson-Hardman and Stevie Graham for their High Performance Leadership guidance at Toastmasters

Liz Wright and David Vane for trusting me to deliver more than once

Shani Randall for the ongoing webinar work that keeps me seriously challenged

Stephanie Pettitt, my ever patient and ‘creative’ accountant …

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