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The Real Reason to Believe!

I spent half a day working through a client’s marketing collateral last week.  We were looking for the proof that their business did what they claimed.  It was a great exercise.  It made me think about Doug Hall’s three elements in his book Jump Start Your Business Brain.  Well worth the read if you’ve not picked it up before.  He takes you through some great exercises to help you drill down to work out your own: Overt Benefits | Dramatic Difference | The Real Reason to Believe.  

The most powerful source of credibility is to tell the real truth about what makes your service or product perform the way it does.  There are 5 proven strategies for communicating the real reason to believe.

1. Kitchen logic – offer simple common sense explanations that can be easily understood, related to and repeated.

2. Personal experience – have clients see, feel touch and experience your benefit. Sampling – the ultimate proof and Demonstration – visual proof.

3. Pedigree – detail the heritage behind your product or service. 

  • Development pedigree – how and why you make it as you do.
  • Marketing pedigree – use claims, contest wins, customer results.
  • Trademark pedigree – borrowing credibility from another brand.

4. Testimonials have others speak to your quality. 

  • Customer testimonials – real world testaments to your ability.
  • Expert testimonials – testimonies from specialists in your field.
  • Media quotes – excerpts that provide evidence of your skills.

5.  Guarantee – remove their risk.


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