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The Day I Lost My Voice

I have lost my voice!  It hasn’t happened to me in a long time.  But today, of all days, I have been croaking my brilliant advice! Really?  I think I lost a brain cell or two too!  I manage to get a car parking ticket.  Grrr! £25!

I digress!  I haven’t been asked to deliver a training session in ages.  This one was for the Networking for the Nervous.  I have delivered this course for those new to the networking circuit for many a year and love doing it.

There are four key things you need to consider when you are a networking novice:

1. Who do you need to connect with?  There are six potential prospects – your target client is one but there are many others you can connect with that can support your business with referrals. See Strategic Networking

Strategic Networking.001

2.  How you engage with the ‘small talk’ that will help you connect with people so they remember you? The key is that you given them something that they will remember about you!

3.  What do you do exactly?  This is your elevator pitch.  This is about honing what you deliver in a short 30 second pitch?  Turn what you do for your customers into a story, using, “for example” as an easy link.

4. When do you follow up and follow through.  So many people I meet on the networking circuit never do this.  What can you do to help your new contact today?

Networking isn’t about selling to the people in the room, it’s about creating long-lasting relationships, regardless of the venue or event.  Give some thought to your message so that you create connections.  After all – you don’t want to lose your voice – do you?


Photo by Lukas from Pexels

PS – if you are interested in some strategic networking exercises – please find a discounted link to my Udemy course Strategic Networking for the confident networker

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