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You Had Me At Hello – WOM marketing

Word of mouth marketing for most businesses is the single most effective part of their marketing plan.  It’s why most of us go networking.  However, it takes time to affect your word of mouth strategy.  How great would it be if people got to know us even before we got to say hello?

Any word of mouth strategy is reliant on the strength of the business relationships we build.  That means we need to find time to get to know, like and trust before we can move from the outer circle to the inner intimate circle!

circlesWhen you walk into the room, how great would it be if you had some hooks to talk with people about?  How great would it be if they were able to do the same?  The popularity of online social networks has added a pre meet opportunity to connect with people before you’ve even met. 

Token Sharing

There are two parts to token sharing:  the Giving (sharing something about yourself that others may find interesting and the Receiving (sourcing information about people you might find interesting).  Getting to know people takes time so to help it along the way a little you need to give out some tokens about yourself that others can use to get a picture about you.  The more vivid the picture the more likely they will remember you. 

If you give out a token that will help people remember who you are, they are so much more likely to stop and say hello when they meet you in real life.  When you pick up a token from someone – store it so that next time you have contact with them you too can re-establish communication easily.   

Which would you prefer?  Talking to someone about something you know they are passionate about too or perfunctory stuff about your business that they may or may not be interested in?

Give your prospects something to remember you and connect with you?

You might want to share some tokens yourself.  The sort of things you want to share is entirely up to you.  The status quo between profession and personality should always sit with where you feel most comfortable.  However it is worth mentioning the adage that all work and no play makes Jack a dull boy!

Here are some other top tips:

  • Make sure you are using your status update to keep people up to date with what you are up to
  • Celebrate your successes
  • Share material
  • Write your own material
  • Post with pictures
  • Comment on others posts
  • Make sure all your Internet links are working
  • Ensure your profiles are up to date
  • Use your email signature box

And if anyone is interested, here are 5 other Social Media Lessons from Jerry Maguire quotes! with thanks to Brian Rice

PS – If you want an online course on advanced networking tactics here is a discounted link to my Udemy course on Strategic Networking 

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  1. I had never really thought about networking in this way! Your top tips are a great! I agree about the pictures! I also like the first one on the list!


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