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Marketing Fruition …

Four years ago, Boyfriend and two of his kids went to watch England play one of their rugby world cup matches at Trafalgar Square on a wide screen in London.  We were enticed to attend a free event at the Japanese Embassy where they were promoting the Rugby World Cup in 2019.

img_3133 (1)

We had such a good time exploring what this Asian country could offer that, we decided there and then,  we would go!  The thinking was that 2019 is Boyfriend’s 60th birthday and more importantly his retirement day … the trip would be the superlative trip of a life time.  We spent two years aspiring …

Last year, we anxiously researched for tickets that were (quite frankly) outside our meagre budget.  We missed out on all the ticket ballots until this January.  Boyfriend spent 12 hours, there or thereabouts on the Internet and managed to secure three tickets to watch England play the early games in this, our country of choice … brilliant!  To be fair, not cheap at £200 per ticket! But imagining the cost of the finals we decided that should … should England go through, the atmosphere back home will be just as good on Sky with our Rugby fan friends in the pub!

So our three England matches will take us from Tokyo to Kobe, back to Tokyo and then Yokohama.  The plan is to hire a Camper Van to discover as much as we can, to and from Kobe.  We are looking for great ideas – if you have any please comment?  Sumo wresting? Japanese tea? and the obvious sight seeing suggestions would be good! After the tour we are thinking of using the bullet train to get to and from Yokohama, largely due to needing to get back to Tokyo quickly for our flight home.  Again any great suggestions between these two cities would also be great!

IMG_3132 (1).jpg

Right now I have set up a pin board made up primarily from the memory hook marketing materials that, the Japanese Embassy placed in our hands four years ago.  That is some time to get your return on investment but hey … it worked on us!!!

We just need to fill in the details … can you help?

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