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Enveloped (Discover Prompts #27 – TEAM)

As we know, people like to read about things in different ways, so when sending out a direct mailshot you could do worse than consider the following aspects of a brilliant communique from Tony Robbins another very wealthy Guru in his own right. 

The mail-shot itself was actually part of a direct marketing campaign and there were other aspects to it that are also significantly important to consider so I will start from the beginning.  Word spread like wildfire about a free Anthony Robbins book that was being given away, called Notes From a Friend worth £5.99.  All you had to do was to apply for it on-line.

The book was duly received with some details about the next and ‘final’ Anthony Robbins seminar in the UK entitled Unleash the Power Within.  I read the book and shortly afterwards I received a phone call from ‘Jim’.  Jim introduced himself as my personal contact on the Anthony Robbins team and did I enjoy the book? … And would I like to book for the four-day seminar in October?  I naturally gave him the usual fob off – ‘I’m still thinking about it’ – but to be honest it was true!  I really did want to go but I thought it was a little pricey.

Shortly after Jim’s call, I received the mailshot.  In it was a sales letter addressed to me.  There was a posh brochure with some more details about the seminar, some testimonials and a photocopied article from a newspaper.  This article was written by a journalist who had been to an Unleash the Power Within seminar. 

Prior to his adventure he had (like me) been sceptical about the Walking on Hot Coals activity.  His scepticism was increased when he was asked to sign a disclaimer for any damages that may be sustained during the course of said firewalk.  But during the seminar, he had listened to the master and like 10,000 others, decided to throw caution to the wind and go for it.  The delight of being with said 10,000 who had conquered their fear too, was unimaginable.  He was so glad to have done it.

Now – don’t get me wrong.  Whilst I did go to this seminar, I didn’t walk on hot coals!  Not because I thought I would be hurt, but because I didn’t need to walk on them to know I have the courage to change things I want to.  However, it was this piece of copy and the subsequent phone calls from Jim, my personal conduit to Anthony Robbins that convinced me to sign up for the Unleash the Power Seminar. I knew that I could learn something.


If you are considering sending direct mail to a prospect, do think of it as a campaign, not a one-off exercise and make sure that you include in your envelope items that will engage all reader preferences. 

Think about the objections that your customers raise and put together something in print that will negate those objections preferably from one of your customers – not you.  You might like to include a keep-sake of some description – in this example, it was the Book.  What could you send that is tactile and would add value?  And last but by no means least, do make that follow up phone call!  

Have you got any good examples?  If so, please would you share?

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