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Get the Message Across – promotional material

The lords prayer has around 100 words, the declaration of independence around 300 and a recent article on the pricing of cabbage boasted some 29k words.  WOW!

Nowadays your potential clients are subject to information overload.  Unless your message stands out it is going to be lost.  So… always work on the 90% of the hidden marketing iceberg before you start to think about your promoting. 


That is your market research, your positioning and your unique selling propositions.  How the product, price, place and promotional stance binds together is integral to the final decision making process.

Start with the end in mind.  what do you want your words to achieve?  Ultimately it has to get someone to do something whether it is physically or mentally.  Make sure that you can track the responses you are getting to ensure you are getting a return on investment.

Creativity is the life blood of promotion.  A lack of creativity will result in a lack of response.  It will need to be different and striking to ensure that it is noticed.

It ain’t what you say – it’s the way that you say it.  Use different but appropriate fonts.  Fonts that replicate your diction …

Identify target response not just a target audience – think about what is it you want your targets to do.  The more people get into the advert the more they get out of it.  Ensure you engage with your audience

Media should be at the centre of the decision not at the end.  In whatever medium you choose to place your advert needs to be the lifestyle choice of your target client.

Find a truth and make it matter.  What is it that is special about your business to your customer?  Tell them why it is important, make it credible and people will believe it.

The best advert has a single minded idea.  Those who get it; get it 100% are your clients – those who don’t get it, are not.

Be different.  look like you are someone interesting and worthwhile talking to.  If everyone is zig then … be zag.

Consistency is key to success.  Whatever branding you have created ensure it is replicated throughout every piece of promotional literature.

Keep your finger on the pulse.  What is it that does it for your customers?  Don’t patronise, mislead or stereotype.

In summary, answer these questions:

  • what is your product or service, who is the target audience,  what is the name of the offer?
  • what insight do you have about the audience that will want this product or service?
  • what are the rational benefits?
  • what are the relevant features that deliver the above benefits?
  • what is the single minded proposition that will make this audience want to buy?
  • what brand image do you want to convey?

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