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Category: Business Growth Strategies

Boost Your Business

Everyone knows that a good testimonial can work wonders for your business reputation and encourage prospects to buy from you.  But customers rarely know how to write a testimonial that […]

The Killer Question! – Market Research

I seldom see people tackling primary market research, which is, probably the most important piece of work they will ever do when setting out on a business project or idea.  […]

Love Changes Everything

Ask any designer, worth his/her salt, what a brand is and they will tell you that it is so much more than a logo and its colours.  Sure, they are […]

Want v. Need

Don’t think, because people might need what you want to sell, that they will want to buy.  Being needy is not attractive and none of us wants to feel unattractive.  […]

Making a Living

This weekend I was invited to attend a group think at an Eco-Lodge in the New Forest on how we might ‘teach’ sustainability in the business schools.  With duly packed […]

What Makes You Stand Out?

The final killer question in my last Blog post was … what one key performance indicator measures your dramatic business differentiator.  Easy for me to ask! However, we all know […]

Chutzpah! – Cheek Charms

Since we are amidst  the awards season, it seemed appropriate to discuss harnessing the power of chutzpah!  The word has been adopted from Yiddish and means someone who has  shameless audacity; […]

Name of the Game

Recently, I came across Alison from JoJo Maman Bébé with thanks to Val Down and Jane Buswell.  Alison is a four wheel driver, with a husband in finance in the city.  […]

When Words are SO Important

This week, I was reminded of a vivid conversation I had with Steve Graham of Internet Mentor We were discussing the ‘plagiarism’ of Dr Albert Mehrabian’s work and his often […]

Perception V Reality

In his book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, the late Dale Carnegie tells the story of Two Gun Crowley.  This is a man who was sent to the […]

Taking the ‘lead in’ questions

It is not easy asking leading questions. No wonder – it is hardly natural.  You would wouldn’t walk up to someone you didn’t know in the pub and ask them […]


My Blog this week continues the story telling theme.  However, this is about shortening the story to a one liner that really gets the message across. The thought was kick started […]

Let me tell you a story

Over the last couple of weeks the benefit of telling stories (not untruths of course) has come up in various different guises.  The great thing about telling a story is […]

If you don’t ask …

If you don’t ask …You don’t get; won’t get but more importantly in business if your business connections don’t know what you want, you can’t possibly get. Rudyard Kipling oft […]

Back of an Envelope

It’s another of those quirky idioms.  It refers to a quick and dirty calculation jotted on a scrap of paper.  However quick and dirty, the impact is only achieved if […]

Keep it Simple Stupid

A cliché symbolised by the mnemonic KISS.  I have always found the phase slightly insulting. What is so stupid about keeping things simple?  Or is it saying that if you […]

Siphoning the Sales Funnel

To put this into context; this post is not about marketing, PR and lead generation, it assumes that you already have an abundance of enquiries that are filling up your […]

Champions – who do they know …

The most important thing you can do when you are looking for clients is to find your champion. That is someone who will introduce and preferably recommend your abilities. These […]

Prospecting for Gold

  If gold could be found lying on the surface, everyone would pick it up. The fact is that you need to dig for it, sometimes deeper than you may […]

The Road to Gelidonya

Yassassin is Turkish for ‘have a long life’ this Bowie tune works really well with the following story. There is a lighthouse at Gelidonya on the Mediterranean coast of Turkey […]

Surefire Social Wins

Cisco Systems reported the results of a survey they completed last year that businesses that took a strategic and tactical approach to online social networking made an 18% increase in […]

The Potential for Network Marketing

There are some very successful and established businesses that use the network marketing model to distribute their products.  Kleeneze for example was established in the UK in 1937 and remains […]

What’s in a Word?

Improving our word repertoire gives flavour to speeches and presentations.  Whilst we don’t want to use jargon or words that are incomprehensible, elaborating our vocabulary can improve the listener’s enjoyment […]

Naked Selling – aka without close!

Here are the 7 Secrets of the ‘Triple S’ Structured System of Selling that helps you close deals without ever having to sell.  It is about having a sales system.  […]

In the Air Tonight – Brand Recognition

It is possible you can learn a lot about communicating by checking out some of the big brand success stories.  We receive somewhere in the region of 3000 commercial messages […]

What’s the point? – Grammar et al

There are fourteen punctuation marks in English grammar. They are the full stop, comma, colon, semicolon, dash, hyphen, apostrophe, question mark, exclamation point, quotation marks, brackets, parenthesis, braces, and ellipses. Check this … Punctuation […]

Information Booklets

Writing a series of information booklets that can be downloaded from your website is a great way to gather contact data for target consumers of your product or service, especially […]

The Knowledge Economy

Knowledge is very powerful.  It is the single most important asset the country owns at the moment.  It differentiates the UK from most other trading nations.  The majority of businesses […]