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Crowdfunder Training – checked!

What do you do, after you have been on a ‘training day’?  I use the term loosely as it might be a presentation at a networking event, or a full day conference or a half-day workshop perhaps.  Applying and reinforcing what you have picked up sooner rather than later is important.  Our retention of the knowledge and enthusiasm to try out, wains quite quickly. How do you imbed information that you glean if you work alone, like me and/or how do you share insights with your team.

On Tuesday, I took a day out to find out how to make the most of Crowdfunder to support the board at AsOne theatre company.  We’ve all heard about it but how many of us really understand the nuances of this opportunity to raise cash for our business?

1. I decided to have a go.  It took a lot longer than I thought to collate the materials, even though the main Curry Quiz fundraiser was already organised for Wed Jan 31st.

2. I decided that I would test my my skills with something simple.  Later this year we will need to raise a substantial sum for the Autumn Tour, but for now we just need a top up to ease the financial burden of the February Library Tour.

3. I decided I would only do it for two weeks as there is a lot of promotional activity needed to get the project noticed, first by our dearest fans and then by ‘newly inspired fans.

And so here is the result of my first go.  It won’t be perfect.  If I went for perfect, I would have missed the boat!  AsOne theatre company 2018 Library Tour 

I’d love your feedback, I’d love your donations (if you think the project is worthwhile) and most importantly, I’d love some friends join my quiz team. I have the most appalling memory for trivia … and training (unless I do something with it!)


Jane McKell as Mary Anning – The Cabinet Maker’s Daughter

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