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Much Ado About Nothing!

Last weekend, Dave and I went to the open air Globe Theatre for our biennial visit.  We always go in July and … it always rains! To date, we have always bought the standing room only tickets. We like the idea of the traditional experience plus they’re only a fiver and we love a bargain. It does mean, however, we risk the weather.


I digress.  I love the fact that, whilst most of us can’t understand the words Shakespeare used in his plays, the stories follow the same 5-act sequence and that makes it easy to follow!

1. The Exposition – Setting the scene

2. The Complication – Recognising the issues

3. The Climax – The crux of the story – (if this – then that)

4. The Reversal – Resolving the problem

5. The Denouement – The tying up of all lose ends

You can set As Much Ado About Nothing, for example, in Sicily, as it might have been told in the early 17th Century.  You can also tell the same story set in the 1950s in Cuba, with an American Camera-man farce, and it will still make sense.


So, when we are telling a story, whether it’s a joke, a business sale or a fairy tale for our own kids, let’s bear in mind the five act sequence. It will help us take the audience with us – even if they don’t necessarily understand the script.

Oh yes! The next time, Dave and I visit the Globe, we will probably need to fork out for the seating room only!  Not because, once again, it rained, but standing in the same spot for 3 hours (at our age) leaves the body ‘hobbling’ home afterwards!!

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