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Category: Effective Management Training

Mentors – (SSS & Rispetto Challenge)

Do not take notice of what’s making the rounds. If you really want to go the whole distance, Listen to how your heart sings, and how that sounds. Then, there’s […]

Cut – (Rispetto Challenge #39)

You feel so down when you get to the big ‘But’ … After the rigmarole, you’ve had to address. Difficult to know why you didn’t made the cut, When you […]

Facing the Future with Caroline Brewer

“It’s life, Jim, but not as we know it!”  In the last nine months, our sense of leadership, motivation and resilience has been tested to the limit.  In this podcast […]

Wonderous Stories (Song Lyric Sunday)

I have chosen Wonderous Stories penned by Jon Anderson the lead singer of the 70’s band Yes …. He wrote the 1977 chart success during “a beautiful day” while staying […]

Jump – (One Liner Wednesday)

“You got to roll with the punches and get to what’s real“ (Lyrics – Van Halen)  Post inspired by Linda G Hill’s One-Liner-Wednesday . Click through for the rules if […]

Enjoy – Ch#61 (Just one thing)

Do what brings you joy – You’ll never want to give up, Which means; you can’t fail. (Haiku) Chapter 61 – Summary from the Wisdom of James Corden The post […]

Win – Ch#59 (Just one thing)

You just have to win. Do not be sorry – don’t lose! You have to play hard, Practice, practice, practice more … It’s all on the final score. (Tanka) Photo […]

Just Smile – Ch#58 (Just one thing)

Look at these cute and crazy kids, They’ll soon be monster, pouting, teens, Ignoring what the world forbids, Wishing they ‘so’ weren’t from OUR genes. Wild hormones ensure counter-bids. Their […]

Find Joy – Ch#57 (Just one thing)

Sweetly, Follow your bliss. If you crave a good life, Do only what makes you happy; Find joy. (Cinquain) Chapter 57 – Summary from the Wisdom of Shep Gordon The […]

Forgive – Ch#56 (Just one thing)

Every day forgive, The ‘flaw‘ of your depression – Hold not hands with shame. (Haiku) Photo with thanks to Pexels Chapter 56 – Summary from the Wisdom of Ruby Wax […]

Worry Not – Ch#55 (Just one thing)

Life is too short to worry about failing, Controlling emotions, may well hold you back, Leading a ‘normal’ life oft leaves you wailing. You want to be different? Can’t see […]

Hope – Ch#54 (Just one thing)

Find freedom from fear, In hope and in gratitude – From all that is good. (Haiku) Photo by cottonbro from Pexels Chapter 54 – Summary from the Wisdom of Libby Lane The post […]

Be Nice – Ch#52 (Just one thing)

Give thanks If you’re lucky, Don’t believe your own hype. Be serious, not solemn, and … Be nice. (Cinquain) Photo by Anastasiya Gepp from Pexels Poem repost prompted by Colleen’s Tanka Tuesday Challenge. […]

Say No – Ch#49 (Just one thing)

The driving process, For gaining success – Say no. You must then address, A need to impress – For show. Try not to confess, Your urge to regress – Let […]

Give More – Ch#48 (Just one thing)

Plate more than enough, You will get back what you give, Offer hope, not fear.   Offer hope, not fear, Do not bully nor threaten, Intimidate not.   Intimidate not, […]

Stay Focussed – Ch#47 (Just one thing)

Drive hard  and fast, focus and pray To find the thing you must support, With purpose, passion and purport. Then you’ll be delighted to stay Despite all the fracas and […]

Advice? – Ch#46 (Just one thing)

Before you pass on your best advice, Step in the shoes of the other, Know what their ambition is, And from where they have come, What are they wrestling? When […]

On the Edge Ch#45 – (Just one thing)

Chose your route and then commit, Prepare, plan, prepare some more, One wrong move and you’ll be dead, No second chance, here. (Dodoitsu) Photo by Rodrigo from Pexels Chapter 45 – Summary from […]

Sing – Ch#44 – (Just one thing)

Love your work, Let your heart sing out, From passion. That buzz rush, Will thrill and keep you awake, With pure excitement. (Shadorma) Photo by Peng LIU from Pexels Chapter 44 – Summary […]