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Category: Effective Management Training

The Silver Lining

At the Sydney Olympics Nick Rogers and his team mate Joe Glanfield came fourth in their sailing event.  Two points short of the bronze medal – they were gutted!  After a […]

What’s Next? Goals etc!

Well, here we are, at the end of my volunteer year 2015/6.  Heavens!  It’s a whole year since I said “yes”.  If I only knew then, what I now know. […]

The Flip Side of Passion

Can you remember having to do your job with one hand tied behind your back?  I bet it was one of the reasons you chose to ‘go it alone’? Run […]

Smile; It’s Blue Monday

Are you feeling a little overwhelmed with your stay of execution of this year’s resolutions? If, like me, you are experiencing a step back every time you take two forward; […]

The Priority Matrix

A useful method of planning your use of time is with a Priority Matrix. This depends on two criteria: Urgency; a job with a fixed deadline. The close the deadline the more urgent the task Importance; something that has a major impact on your job or which you put a high value on.

Tiny Things Matter – A Toastmaster Area Director’s Diary

Toastmasters International Area 42 is located entirely within the beautiful county of Dorsetshire.  It is currently composed of four clubs: Hallmark Speakers – Bournemouth | Ferndown Speakers – Ferndown | Casterbridge Speakers – Dorchester and […]

Make Meetings Matter – operational management

“Scientists say that coffee and donuts release chemicals into the brain that create the illusion that meetings are a productive way to get things done.” Randy Glasbergen Business life is dominated […]

The Passion That Drives Us

Many (many) years ago when I was about 10 or so, my friends and I had a space ship.  We built it from scaffolding poles, planks of wood, space hoppers […]

The Toastmaster Challenge

I’m frightened to death, most of the time, about thinking out loud in public, so I cover the cracks as best as I can with foundation, powder and paint. I’m […]

Personal Challenges in Business

Exactly a month ago I was in Poland on a ski lift looking down at myriad black dots on the mountain side.  Some were zipping down skillfully negotiating the smaller […]

Six REally Powerful Words

There are six words that are incredibly powerful; because they take the best elements or ideas from the past and apply them to the present and the future …. What […]

What if????

I love these two little words that offer the white space to explore.  When you are faced with a dilemma that you can’t resolve in your head, the big what […]

Three Wheels on My Wagon

Don’t read this post … oh too late. If you’ve read the title, THAT tune is already in your head for the next … (your guess!) I heard it on […]

The GOAL Keeper

  Whether we like it or not setting goals is a powerful way of making sure you get things done.  Research done by Yale university found that in 1992, only […]

Fly in the Face of …

An idiom – to be the opposite of what is usual or accepted His decision to start his own business certainly flies in the face of good judgment.   What’s […]

I don’t want a Banana Nut Muffin

A couple of days ago I renewed my connection with Gwyn Jones via a text message.  Today, I bumped into him at the end of an East Dorset Business Network […]

The Power of Positive Thoughts

Do you have a problem with uttering positive affirmations?  I do.  It’s not that I disbelieve the power of positive thoughts – it’s just that I had yet to find […]

A Mob of Kangaroos

I love some of the descriptive nouns we,humans, allocate to a collective or should that be a cluster? Last week, was the final of three,in a land down under, where I […]

The Boss from Hell

There is no right or wrong to your perception of work life balance.  What is right for you, may not be right for others but it should be how you would like it […]