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Tag: writing

The Low Down on Slogans

The art of assonance adds poetic rhythm and medial rhyme to the words that you use.  Unlike alliteration when the reader is aware at the start that there is a […]

Every step you take …

So how do you emulate the shoe retailer, Clarke’s superb strapline – “enjoy every step”? It is not easy – your strapline needs to convey a combination of customer awareness; […]

Want v. Need

Don’t think, because people might need what you want to sell, that they will want to buy.  Being needy is not attractive and none of us wants to feel unattractive.  […]

Name of the Game

Recently, I came across Alison from JoJo Maman Bébé with thanks to Val Down and Jane Buswell.  Alison is a four wheel driver, with a husband in finance in the city.  […]

Perception V Reality

In his book ‘How to Win Friends and Influence People’, the late Dale Carnegie tells the story of Two Gun Crowley.  This is a man who was sent to the […]

Back of an Envelope

It’s another of those quirky idioms.  It refers to a quick and dirty calculation jotted on a scrap of paper.  However quick and dirty, the impact is only achieved if […]

Keep it Simple Stupid

A cliché symbolised by the mnemonic KISS.  I have always found the phase slightly insulting. What is so stupid about keeping things simple?  Or is it saying that if you […]

What’s in a Word?

Improving our word repertoire gives flavour to speeches and presentations.  Whilst we don’t want to use jargon or words that are incomprehensible, elaborating our vocabulary can improve the listener’s enjoyment […]

Fancy that!

I have just received one of those round robin emails; which … I have thought is worth sharing. Count every “F” in the following text: FINISHED FILES ARE THE RESULT […]

No Go Sligo :0(

Last May, I spent a weekend in Cirencester with 200 people that I had never met before.  I know it seems odd!  The Friday evening buffet was a fancy dress […]


Here’s hoping that I am out the other side of a blog block period!  It’s been going on for a couple of months now.  It’s not that I don’t have […]

Dungeons and Dragons

Many, many years ago – 22 to be exact I played Dungeons and Dragons down the pub with a bunch of Debenhams colleagues for the best part of a year, […]

Our Loss; God’s Gain – Eulogy

Heaven won’t know what hit it last night!  The Passionate PA has left us wanting. Sarah Howells died this afternoon after a short but courageous and public fight with breast, […]

In the Air Tonight – Brand Recognition

It is possible you can learn a lot about communicating by checking out some of the big brand success stories.  We receive somewhere in the region of 3000 commercial messages […]

Information Booklets

Writing a series of information booklets that can be downloaded from your website is a great way to gather contact data for target consumers of your product or service, especially […]